And as mainstream as it seems (a fruity floral with patchouli, a dime a dozen at your local department store the compositions long-term freshness (which Luca Turin notes is a characteristic that voucher book for girlfriend Thierry Wasser excels at) juxtaposed with the fruity sweetness and most importantly, the.
This is the fragrance that started it all.
Since lprn I have acquired and/or tested perfumes that come so close to my idea of the perfect perfume for myself (powdery, cosmetic inspired, floral, and sweet with a modern-meets-retro feel and containing most of my favorite notes Terry de Gunzberg Ombre Mercure, Love, Chloe.
In summary, La Petite Robe Noire is for the woman who adores vintage glamour, but doesnt (or cant) go full-on Dita Von Teese every day.The name and bottle panders to the target demographic.Jeans are one of her favorite things to wear (unlike Dita who doesnt own any but no matter what, she is always polished and well-groomed.At the final stage, the drydown, is the signature luscious, powdery sweet, almost gourmand Guerlinade.Lprn quickly replaced my former all-time favorite perfume, D G The One, which I ended up totally disliking (the peach note was sickly sweet and incredibly artificial, overwhelming the warm vanilla base to my nose, sadly!) This is the only perfume I have ever finished.But they are not Guerlains.EDT and flankers: EDT smells identical to EDP.Is it the first perfume that comes to mind when choosing a perfume to wear with a little black dress (or anything fancy)?Not sickeningly sweet or medicinal whatsoever to my nose (trust me, I work in a pharmacy!) Bergamot adds freshness, the almonds contribute powder, the vanilla and tonka some sweetness, the licorice and anise a slight spicy nuance, the roses a floral touch.Even my baby brother and my friends have said that my car smells like lprn, even though I wear different perfumes daily!Ill explain: My mom is always taking full advantage of my large perfume collection (she only owns just one bottle of perfume at a time).It lasts all day on my skin, and I can smell the heavenly drydown into the next day.Chantal Thomass EDP: This is a lot closer to lprn because it contains cherries AND red berries, which I realized play a bigger role in lprn than I thought before trying.It bolsters lprns modern-meets-retro aesthetic.

Shell grab any bottle off my vanity, almost everything in perfumery smells good to her.I learned how to pick out notes in perfumery and identified my favorite ones.Plus, lprn is so versatile to me- I can wear it anytime, anywhere.Never have I used a sample up so quickly, and never did I crave and desire a perfume as much as I did with lprni was so desperate to have it, I bought my first bottle at Sephora, full price!Couture and Eau Fraiche smell incredibly similar as well but Couture seems to have more patchouli while Eau Fraiche seems to be even more, well, fresh.Also, I apply just a couple spritzes of perfume on my arms every day, so its very rare for me to get comments but lprn is one of the very few that seems to get noticed and complimented on (and the most often too!).It kickstarted my interest in Guerlain fragrances (perhaps the intention of the rving as an introduction to the brand for the young generation?) This led to a redefining of my tastes in perfume.That describes me to the.
One of the best perfumes in terms of longevity that Ive ever tried.