To participate, just fill two cute gift bags or other festive containers with treats and leave them on the desk of two colleagues along with a copy of the note.
You are given the option to chose when you check-out.
The trick now is to be sneaky little elves and deliver the goodies without being caught!
Now it is their turn!A Delicious Treat, a Few Helpful Hands.Jingling the doorbell, its certainly fun, To act like an Elf and then Run, Run, Run!Visiting the homes of every good girl and boy.Welcome to Pre-K Pages!At some offices, they use the term "being elfed" instead of "being jingled." The concept is exactly the same.Ringing the bells of the homes he has found.You have to leave the same elf sign at their desk.How fun is this!?!Just click on the link that has the tracking information to see it's progress.Continue this jingling, you have a good reason.
The Christmas Elf is jingling around.

Some say "You've been Jingled" and some say "You've been Elfed".Jingling or elfing someone is a fun way to brighten someone's day, especially if you know they can use some cheering up around the holidays).There are several versions of a poem that can be used.There are a couple of different variations for this activity.We ship our east dane coupon code 2016 vinyl wall"s first class mail only.Do it soon or you may get some more!Yes, it may sound like a silly term (and perhaps grounds for a harassment complaint but it is a new tradition popping up all over the place.Youve Been Jingled is a fun holiday tradition that the entire family can get in on!When you arrive at your desk, what do you find?

This is a unique and fun way to boost staff morale and build camaraderie.
Door-bell-ditch your favorite friends and know that they will be oh-so-excited when they open up their doors to a scrumptious treat!