Unicode output file names support when running witout GUI.
(4) New PrinterVersion property in PdfSettings API.
New settings: res, resx, resy, textalphabits, graphicsalphabits, device, and statusfile.Portuguese (Brazil) translation completed.New AfterPrintProgramDir setting in configuration files.Fix of problem with strange characters overlaying the finished PDF document.Contents of an App folder placed next to the setup program is copied to the program folder during installation.Supports 64-bit environments, updates : CutePDF Writer Updates, software Feedback?Guitimeout setting -1 problem fixed by keeping the document collector running until the GUI has finished processing the job.Swedish added as new language.Now supports re-distilling of encrypted PDF documents.

If Scripting is not available then all VB Script macros will result in an empty string.This controls where the VBScript thank you for helping me move gift bloom studio and gifts macros and event handlers are loaded from.They are now written to i in the data folder below the application folder.New settings supported: showprogress, showprogressfinished, runonerror, runonerrordir, runonsuccess, and runonsuccessdir.Support for Windows Vista x64 (64 bit edition).(4) Support for Windows 8 Consumer Preview 32 bit (x86).Unicode font support brought back to previous level.Convert Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents to PDFs of the highest quality.Fix of error when output format is different from PDF and encryption was enabled.PDF without having administrator access?(8) Error when saving a document to the root folder of a drive has been fixed.
This has now been fixed.

Custom Redistribution available, small file size, no watermarks when files are converted to PDF.
(2) Another false positive detection in Norton AV and Symantech EndPoint.
Use ConfirmOverwriteno if you want to overwrite the destination file without a prompt.