Exe virustotal clamAVProbably harmless!
Installation, due to the generic nature of this detection, methods of installation may vary.Ent clamAV /var/lib/clamav local.Otherwise, following basic security practices will reduce your exposure boomers discount club to this threat.Restart your computer when prompted to.This script launches a new thread and injects it into the explorer.
These trojans often modify the following subkey in order to accomplish this: payload, again, the generic nature of this detection means that the Payloads performed by this group of trojans may be highly variable, and therefore difficult to describe specifically.
Once the program has fully updated, select.

The Agent family includes trojans, worms, viruses, backdoors and other types of malicious programs.Evading detection rmbook checks the computer for any common anti-debugging techniques or keywords, such as "VM "Sandbox "VMWare Users.If the user opens the attached file, the trojan is launched.Ign2 clamAV # /etc/rc.The behaviors exhibited by this family are highly variable.The stolen data is then forwarded to the trojan's C C server.For representative examples of these other subsets, you can also see.

Ign2 # echo "ent " /var/lib/clamav/local.
Password stealing, if the user opens Facebook's login page in the Firefox browser, rmbook steals any data the user enters into the login form on the page.
Exe, from there, the trojan can begin monitoring the Firefox browser for activity.