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Also for one child ticket airline took only 300 as a cancellation fee, but these guys took 475 for that ticket too!
I booked a room for three nights and golfland sunsplash military discount had to prepay because the room was "on a special promotion" and I was charged 388.51.Not as described, fire risk and unsafeAirbnb.Royal Seas Cruises is a wholesaler and sells Bahamas Paradise Cruises, as they also sell other cruise lines." We went to the Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line website in late January and spotted a home page ad offering "cruise for 129 or get 10 free drinks.".and we can either switch to two nights at the Ramada Plaza in Fort Lauderdale plus a one-day ferry trip on the Balearia to the Bahamas, or a refund of our money with some type of certificate to show the airlines to help rebook our.Write Review, upgrade, claim, sponsored Links is an Arkansas Foreign For-Profit Corporation filed on December 10, 2007.Once again, they tried to upsell me to a pre-cruise package for 69 that included two nights' hotel stay at the Ramada Plaza in Fort Lauderdale with meals, and maybe with transportation to the cruise port or maybe they'd arrange it for 60 per person.No one will tell you that.Who doesn't want a two-night getaway to the Bahamas on a cruise for free - or at least, cheap?Center Street, Fayetteville, AR 72701.If you're tempted by a free cruise deal, here are a few ways you can protect yourself from being scammed: Do your research.When I gave my credit card over the phone, I had no way of knowing if the rep was who she said she was, if I would get a cruise or if she would steal my credit card number.It's not the only way the call goes out; the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has reported people receiving phone calls from radio stations like Chase 88 and Quest 102, offering a chance to win a free cruise for answering trivia questions.There are so many great cruise deals out there from legitimate travel agents and cruise lines, you might be better off booking your vacation that way.The principals are Doug Gaylor, Jeff Korn, Ron Vincent, and Susan Cockerham.Before you write off Royal Seas as a total scam, however, look at the company's Yelp reviews ; some people actually do get a cruise out of the deal.But what if we're flying into West Palm Beach, I asked?

Ask about penalties for canceling, transferring the booking to another person, switching travel dates or extending the expiration date of your voucher.First, it usually does not come from a cruise line, though the phone reps might make it sound like that's what they are.There are many complaints - about the high-pressure sales tactics I encountered, bait and switch with hotels, forced timeshare presentations, cruise cancellations and high fees when people don't book their cruise in the allotted 18 months and want to extend the offer.In this case, the actual scam seems to be the bait and switch tactics, unhelpful customer service, hidden fees and requirements and the difficulty of obtaining a refund for canceled cruises.The ensuing conversation was the epitome of a hard sell.Second, as you might guess, the cruise isn't actually free.I have my travel companion gift ideas for coworkers christmas call the cruise line.Cruise newbies are rightfully confused about companies like Royal Seas Cruises.After its fall 2017 fema charter, the ship got a refresh in dry dock, including a new adults-only area, a larger casino and a coffee and juice bar.It's not as easy as it looks.(Royal Seas would not, and would not honor their deal if I hung up and called later.) Know how your credit card company handles fraudulent charges, and document everything said to you on a call if you plan on taking the risk.

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