win m shortcut

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This shortcut will execute the first option in the Shutdown Button and is one of the fastest ways to shutdown a Windows.
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When you have multiple windows open, clicking around to switch to the right window might be time consuming.Win Ctrl D Create a new virtual desktop.So Id like to share with you the use of windows shortcut keys on Windows 10 in this blog post.Win (logo to open start menu, untuk menampilkan start menu.Ctrl Shift N, pei wei gift card costco windows has made it easier to create a new folder in Windows Explorer by using Ctrl Shift N right where you are and a new folder with the name New Folder will appear highlighted for you to type in its folder name.Win L, leaving your computer for even a brief moment might leave your screen vulnerable to prying eyes.WinShiftM, to maximize all opened windows, untuk maximize semua program yang sedang aktif, winL, Back to login page (programs is still active Kembali ke tampilan login (kondisi program masih aktif winE, to open My Computer, untuk membuka jendela my computer.Win Shift Move the window on from one monitor to another on the left.
Win D/ M, show Windows desktop by minimize the windows.
Win C Open Cortana in listening mode Win G Launch the Game Bar and begin a game-play footage record, Windows PC games screenshot or an Xbox screen record.

Win Snap the active window to the right half of the screen.Alt spacebarm, Press keys to move the active program, untuk memindahkan posisi/letak aktif program.Win Minimize the active window.Win E, you could quickly open the, file Explorer with this windows shortcut.Win Ctrl / Switch between the virtual desktops.(Does it look like an Android notification bar?) Win B Highlight the notification area and show hidden icons.Win Maximize the active window.Win U, open the, ease of Access Center.Win - need to take a closer look at something on the screen?While magnified, hit Win and will zoom you back out again.Win Shift / Move the applications or windows from one virtual from one desktop to another.
Note: You could also open the window by right click This PC on the desktop and select Properties.

Better be careful and use this shortcut to lock your PC instantly.
Here are some awesome shortcuts even you might not know about.
Windows 10 is different from its predecessors not only on features but the windows shortcut keys. .