But which stand up to scrutiny against historical results?
Winning your footy tipping competition is always really hard.
I have examined a dataset of all home-and-away AFL games since 2010, and applied a few different tipping strategies to find which would have produced the coupon code for kartchner caverns best predictions.
And which are simply unfounded speculation, cliché or guesswork?When this happens you need to consider other strategies to decide who to tip.In both years, the average expert called less than 63 of games correctly.Another commonly employed method involves a simple glance at the ladder each week and tipping the side in the higher position.In both South Australia and Western Australia, a single stadium is shared by two clubs.'Username or Email' : 'Username' Please enter your username.Odds can change frequently in response to the direction of money punted by the general public.Predicting the outcome of each of the 198 home-and-away matches is no small task.History suggests that this is superior to the naïve 50/50 choices, but not by as much as some people might think.Nonetheless, each game has a designated home team, and this strategy involves tipping that side.Good luck with your tips.The annual quest to have bragging rights among your workmates, friends or family is what millions of Australians will partake in every weekend throughout the upcoming winter.
History suggests that you are more likely to out-think yourself and overlook the obvious.
But which of these sources are reliable?

The arguments made may sound informed and eloquent, but they are not guaranteed to prove correct.Tip the team with winning momentum.The difficulty arises when there is no real favourite, the teams are difficult to separate, and both teams are roughly the same odds.However, in the age of internet forums and 24-hour news coverage, theres never been more opinion written about who will win each game.This is complicated somewhat by the number of teams sharing stadiums.This advantage is exaggerated even further when the away team is on a 5 or 6 day turn-around from their last game.From this, Clarke estimates that the home ground can be worth as much as a ten-point ronnie scotts gift voucher advantage in some games.Password Please enter your password, remember Me?More than 71 of favourites the side with the shortest odds in each of the past five seasons have won.
2015s tipping champion was in the middle of the pack a year prior.