win fix as seen on tv

There is at least one fic which states that Dumbledore slipped Harry and Ginny some potion to make them fall in love.
One criticism of The Lord of the Rings is "why can't the Fellowship ride the Eagles.
The My Little Pony: Friends Forever issue about Rainbow Dash and Soarin attempted to fix the problems of the episode Rainbow Falls.The strip is celebrating the transition to straight reprints by virginia beach adventure park military discount having April and the other characters call Elly out and forcing her to send them back to their 2010 lives.Mobile Fighter Evangelion has succesfully turned the original series into a complete Reconstruction of what it deconstructed.Dong Bang Shin Ki :.Fans didn't like how Soarin just brushed aside the act as well as Spitfire's attitude over the situation.It's always one of those four.Sorcerer's World being intact after it was destroyed.Comic Books Sometime during the 70s, Marvel published a pretty reprehensible The Avengers story involving.After it's revealed that she actually was resurrected by unknown means, it changed into fixing what the author didn't like about that approach.Son of the Sannin at first glance comes across as a very traditional Naruto Fix Fic, but it goes also into meta-level.
Another m example revolving not only around the US, but also Revolutionary Socialism/Marxism is Reds, which sees the US fall under a Communist revolution after the Great Depression.
All of his X-Wing Series books, solid stories in their own right, also fix other novels.

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If you want to see some of our reviews click the link below.Similarly Gelphie (Glinda/Elphaba) shippers like to alter it so that Elphaba's death at the end was faked, or simply just have Elphaba not leave Glinda at the Emerald City.The Big Finish audios often rescue wasted characters and Ensemble Dark Horse figures, with the Sixth Doctor being the primary beneficiary (as the then-incumbent Seventh and Eighth Doctors had popular book lines that fleshed them out a lot, but the then-past Sixth Doctor had.Additionally, Yuna never loses her "goodbye" sphere, as the author dislikes the scene where Tidus hurls it from the airship.Nobody Dies keeps Yui Ikari and Kyoko Sohryu alive through the series, which in turn manages to make Shinji reasonably well adjusted, turns Asuka into the woobie, and turns Rei.The former started from before the hated Chakotay/Seven Canon Ship got started, rewriting the last half of the season, allowing them to completely avoid the finale.Euphonium fanfics is to switch Kumiko and Reina's relationship from Bait-and-Switch Lesbians to canonical.Literature General In the Animorphs series, quite a few Fix Fics involve a complete rewriting of the final part wherein Rachel and Tom don't die and Jake and the rest magically recover from their traumas during the war.Or d) get eaten by the Gorn.Actually, they defeated the Gungans right when the station blew up, and simply received no pursuit orders.
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ER fans who hate the way Doug Ross was written out will appreciate the story "One Candle Burns in which he decides to join the Doctors Without Borders creative soccer gifts organization, thus providing a more palatable reason for his absence during Carol's pregnancy.