Let us know what you want to see from the new MacBook Pros in the comments.
There starbucks bring your own mug discount are no changes for the front camera either, with the same 720p FaceTime HD camera also making it on the 2018 lineup.
Keep making those backups though.
The Surface Book invites artists and designers in with its amazing stylus, beautiful touch screen and the ability to remove the display to use it as a tablet.Winner: Both HP and Dell because they've gone quad-core while maintaining ultra-slim form factors with good battery life.However, when in standby, DDR4 is an absolute power hog, with background power draw gift for bride from groom making up for 50 of energy requirement when compared to the 17 for lpddr3.The move to DDR4 is forced, as Apple is pushed in a corner by claims of neglecting the needs of professional users.Winner: No vendor really stands out.That means you need dongles for any of your existing gear.The MacBook Pro 15" identifies as model A1707, which fits nicely between the A1706 and A1708 from our previous two teardowns.Both are essential and shouldn't cost extra.As an added note, while we havent mentioned it here, the Apple T2 will bring with it important storage performance.The MacBook wins on design and portability, and it offers more processing power because of its newer CPU.Ports: update the XPS 13, HP, and MacBook Pro all do a decent job with ports considering how thin, compact, and light all the laptops are.
Nevertheless, Apple has copped out with GPUs as the 555X really doesnt change much over the 555.

Its here where the 2018 MacBook Pro upgrade truly makes an impact, even for the 13 variant.It really needs an upgrade to the latest generation of Intel CPUs, but it's hard to argue with a computer for creatives with a more powerful discrete GPU.The trick is hitting the sweet spot.Moving towards the GPU and RAM, the 13 2018 MacBook Pro is still limited to 16GB of lpddr3 RAM clocked at 2133MHz, same as its predecessor.Apples medstudy promo code 2016 big developer conference, wwdc 2017, has begun and its opening keynote has just finished.Apples decision to stick with AMDs 55X and 56X GPUs wont win it any fans but the decision to upgrade to 4GB gddr5 is a good one.The Touch Bar adds a second, difficult-to-replace screen to damage.There are no changes to the ports either, with both of the 20 models featuring four Thunderbolt USB-C ports.You'll get even more battery life with the FHD display model (which I don't have).Display: Both the Dell XPS 13 and MacBook Pro are very-high-resolution.Weight.3 pounds 3 pounds, design, the MacBook Pro isn't reinventing the wheel, but it's still a beauty in both silver and space gray.

Storage for both the models starts at 256GB and is configurable up to 2TB for the 2018 model.
They all have USB Type C Thuderbolt 3 and USB.X ports (Type C).