All individuals who have authority to hire or terminate gaming employees;.
1.500 "Tribe" means the White Mountain Apache Tribe, its authorized officials, agents and representatives.
At least 10 days before the initial meeting of the Tribal Gaming Office and 5 days before any subsequent meeting at which the adoption, amendment or repeal of a regulation is considered, notice of the proposed action must be:.
It is unlawful for any person to funrish or disseminate any information in regard to racing or races, from any point within the State to any point outside the State, by telephone, telegraph, teletype, radio or any signaling device, with the intention that the information.In keeping track of the cards played;.Corporation - Any voting stock, aeropostale coupon code in store or similar security; and security convertible, with or without consideration, into such a security, or carrying any warrant or right to subscribe to or purchase such a security; any warrant or right; or any security having a direct or indirect.The participants at any prehearing conference under this section shall be prepared to consider and take action with respect to any or all of the following, as determined by the Chairperson:.Possessing or permitting to remain in or upon the premises of the Gaming Facility any cards, dice, mechanical device or any other cheating device whatever, the use of which is prohibited by statute or ordinance, or conducting, carrying on, operating or dealing any cheating.Section.4 designated religious sites.The Tribal Gaming Office or the State Gaming Agency may require the testing of any slot machine or gaming device to ensure compliance with the requirements of this Section.Gross gaming revenue does not include credit extended or collected by the Gaming Facility Operator for purposes other than gaming."working days" : Any regular day of business Monday through Friday, not including weekends and holidays.This notice shall be printed conspicuously and shall include the following: disconnection notice your water and sewer service account is now delinquent and your service will be disconnected if you do not make payment arrangements with the utility authority within ten days of the date.Get coupon code 20 off, promo Code 20 Off Ice Cream Makers Free Gift With 150 Order With Coupon Code.Once a request for hearing has been filed with the Utility Authority, a date shall be set for a hearing.The money accepted by the Gaming Facility Operator on events or games that occur during the month or will occur in subsequent months, less money paid out during the month to patrons on winning wagers;.Eligibility Determination The Tribe shall review a person's prior activities, criminal record, if any, and reputation, habits and associations to make a finding concerning the eligibility of a key employee or primary management official for employment in a gaming operation.If a request for withdrawal is granted with prejudice, the applicant is not eligible to apply again for licensing or approval until after expiration of one year from the date of such withdrawal.Lead or lead alloys;.
They are past due 15 days after the statement date.

The manufacturer's name or a distinctive logo or other mark identifying the manufacturer must be inscribed on at least one side of each chip and token; and.The Commissioners must be a member of the Tribe or a person with adequate experience in gaming operations, the practice of gaming law, gaming control or regulation, law enforcement or accounting.The funds transferred by the Treasurer of the Tribe to the Permanent Trust Fund shall be retained by the Tribe, invested by direction of the Tribal Council and accumulated for the future welfare of the Tribe.Manager - 1,500.00.In addition to the terms defined 14 month old christmas gifts in this Ordinance, the following definitions shall apply:.Promptly redeem its own chips and tokens from its patrons; and.Commissioners may not gamble in the Gaming Facility nor may they have any personal financial interest in any gambling by any patron of the Gaming Facility.1.360 "Principal means with respect to any Person: (1) Each of its officers and directors; (2) Each of its principal management employees, including any chief executive officer, chief financial officer, chief operating officer or general manager; (3) Each of its owners or partners,.Files and prosecutes a civil action against the agent, employee, or person for recovery of the misappropriated money and furnishes copies of legal pleadings to the Tribal Gaming Office within 45 days of its request;.Section.4 initial AND subsequent deposits BY tribal treasurer.It must specify the sections of the Compact, of Tribal Gaming Ordinances or gaming regulations which the respondent is alleged to have violated, but must not consist merely of charges raised in the language of the Compact or the regulations.
The Tribal Gaming Office will not grant a license or finding of suitability to an individual under eighteen years of age.
The Tribal Gaming Office or State Gaming Agency may estimate the supplementary investigative fees and costs and require a deposit to be paid by the applicant in advance as a condition precedent to beginning or continuing an investigation.

3.050 Summoning of applicants.