Then in a thrilling comeback they defeated the Patriots in the AFC Championship game before defeating the Bears in the Super Bowl.
The Colts, at 60-1, have attracted the fewest bets to win the Super Bowl of any team at the Westgate.No matter the outcome and no matter what kind of revisionist history fans from other teams will try to tell you today, the reality is that a rain-laden, outdoor Super Bowl should have favored the Bears a lot more than the Colts.The second play is when Colts safety Bob Sanders forced a fumble.The defense forced a three-and-out, and on the following drive Manning hit a wide open Reggie Wayne for a 53-yard touchdown.The defense was also terrific, holding the Bears to just 265 yards while forcing five turnovers.What is the biggest Super Bowl moment in Colts history to you?As he reached the end zone, he pumped his fist in celebration, but it was short-lived as the Colts missed the extra point.Devin Hester running the opening kickoff back for a touchdown.
We got the Bears.

Aug 9, 2018, email print, the NFL preseason has arrived, a monthlong warm-up for the regular season that almost always has a significant impact on the betting odds.As optimism grew about Luck's recovering shoulder, the line moved to Indianapolis -3, and the Colts' season win total also grew.All of this came to a head early in the fourth quarter.Additionally, the storyline was that the Chicago.Rookie Baker Mayfield and veteran Tyrod pizza express special offer vouchers Taylor will battle for the starting quarterback job in Cleveland. .Aaron Rodgers, Houston's, deshaun Watson, Indianapolis andrew Luck and Philadelphia's, carson Wentz.The game was effectively over.Tony Dungy and Peyton Manning both had a reputation of not being able to win the big games, but they proved the doubters wrong in their run to Super Bowl.All-Time Lists, with Super Bowl 52 on the horizon, now is a great time to look back at the Colts experiences in the NFLs biggest game.They were finally on top of the football world.
He targeted second-year cornerback.