This is my new favorite knife!
Well, maybe not that thin, but close!Ernest Mooney Warner started making his own carving knives back in 1902 when he couldn't find a knife already in existence that was durable and tough enough to young rembrandts coupon code 2018 cut through ivory, walnut and bone to make his exquisite, mechanical steam engines.It cuts/chops well and the handle is perfect (his words). Warther Cutlery knives are only available for sale through their website, or at their museum location in Dover, Ohio.Ernest Mooney Warther, later to be known as the Worlds Master Carver, first began making carving knives because he could not find a knife that would hold its edge when carving in dense materials such as ebony, ivory and walnut.Now, over 110 years later, Warther Cutlery continues the legacy and tradition.Mooney finished his knives this way to hide scratches from the blades, so they wouldn't show wear.

Warther Cutlery handcrafted American made knives any chance I get.By working in the local steel mill he was able to learn several techniques on tempering steel.He has been using it at the restaurant and loves it!The 6 Fish Fillet Knife, the Soft Cheese Knife, the 9 Chef Knife.There is also a gift shop. My mommy has a better knife that she really mmy, you tell them! .Whether you enjoy outdoor adventures or prefer entertaining guests at home, are a restaurant chef, or cook for yourself, or are just looking for that special wedding gift, Warther Cutlery has a knife for you.So you could easily go back to the parts of the museum you missed.The 5 google gift card promotion Serrated Tomato Knife, the 5 Serrated Tomato Knife is the other Warther Cutlery American made knife that we were given to try out.So what is so impressive about Warther Cutlery and their knives that have me talking so much?
Every material that is used to create a Warther knife is United States sourced, from the steel in the blade, made in New York, to the wood in the handle, from.
I would have liked to stay and look at some of the displays a little longer.

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Yes,  I have fallen in love with a knife, and I have found myself talking about.