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When to Call : you can call between 8 AM to.
Verizon fios Phone number for Internet and TV Service.For Regular Billed Customers For Checking Account Balance : #BAL 225) For Checking Minutes Used : #MIN 646) For Making a buy hp gift card Payment from your Mobile phone : #PMT 768) For Checking Data Used till Date : #data 3282) For Checking Upgrade Eligibility : #UPG 874) For Prepaid.Verizon FiOS Technical Support Phone Number.How to Be a Part of Verizon Smart Rewards.They can be found below.
If you are an existing customer and you have a Verizon Phone then you can simply dial *611 from your Verizon mobile phone and after follwing the Instruction you can directly reach the customer support representative where you can tell them about the issue you.

You might also like to view and download animated messages, wallpapers and picture alerts these options are also available on the site.Please call the phone number and follow the instructions to reach support.What if you could even get rewarded for doing all those things? You can get easily and quicky get account information details by sending a text message or by calling the any of the below shortcuts number from your mobile phone.Select whether you want the website to remember your login details.Apart from the above mentioned features and options the site m also provides you the option of home phone connect, accessories where you can get all the accessories required for your phone and an innovation store.
Popularly known.
Verizon Wireless Customer Service Number for New Customers.

If you need any technical support then please call from your mobile.
There are many other Verizon Customer Service Phone Number are available to resolve your various issue.
You can find here Verizon fios and Verizon Wireless Contact details and How to call them and steps for phone menu.