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How to claim, if youve read the guidance and you qualify its now really easy for you to put.Union Fees Memberships, monthly/yearly contributions to your union/professional body may be tax deductible which means you can claim back a portion of your fees as a tax refund.He completes his tax rebate uniform application using our online tax rebate calculator and receives a tax refund of 1,488 a few weeks later that enables him to book an all-expenses paid holiday to Cyprus for 2 weeks!Some retail clothes chains require employees to buy the clothes on buy gift cards with lowes credit card sale in the store to wear when selling those clothes.Provided that your employer does not provide on-site facilities to wash your uniform, you are entitled to claim a tax rebate for your uniform washing allowance.Your employer provides a laundry service but you dont use.Your uniform protects you while youre doing your job.One of the most common questions about this allowance is, do I qualify?Our service is available to: Retail staff, hospitality Catering, nurses, doctors, dentists and other healthcare workers ( learn more police officers ( learn more ).Meals and accommodation (business travel) may also be tax deductible depending on the nature of the expense.This figure is based on the highest refund recovered so far in this sector.
Buying, repairing or replacing small tools you need to do your job are tax deductible and are eligible for a tax refund.
Uniform workers are entitled to claim tax refunds on certain work related expenses in addition to claiming a tax rebate on the cost of washing their work uniform (if applicable).

Here are the most common examples: You wear your own clothes, yes, you have to wash your clothes the same as everyone else and buy them.Airline staff / cabin crew / pilots ( learn more public transport (London Underground staff, train conductors, bus drivers).If you wear a uniform which makes it obvious to everyone the job that you are doing, you can claim.If your uniform contains your company logo or is protective clothing, you can apply for a tax rebate from hmrc for the last 4 years!Who can claim a uniform tax refund?You can also claim a tax rebate on repairing or replacing specialist clothing.
Can I claim anything else?
If you wear a uniform at work and you launder it at home or you pay for it to be laundered yourself you can claim an allowance from hmrc (Her Majestys Revenue and Customs) against the tax you pay on your earnings.