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"Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham: The attack carried out by the factions on Idlib is a treason AWDnews".
"Turkey shells advancing Kurds in Syria for third day".
Following the downing of its jet, Russia intensified its air campaign, particularly against the Turkmens, but also against radical Islamic groups supported by Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar that are fighting the Syrian army.
"Shock claim: Turkey provided 10,000 passports to so unique gifts isis"."Statements by the Turkish side of an alleged case of violation by the Russian Su-34 aircraft of airspace are unsubstantiated propaganda Russian Defense Ministry spokesman."More casualties raise to about 70, the number of children victims of the Turkish Jandarma's shooting out of 361 civilians".140 141 From fall 2014: Kobanî in focus edit See also: Siege of Kobanî, People's Protection Units, and Women's Protection Units With the Turkish government thinking that a declaration was enough, and with only a minimum of western airstrikes helping the defenders of Kobanî, isil."A Look at the Army of Conquest, a Prominent Rebel Alliance in Syria".364 365 Members of the Democratic Union Party (Kurds) accused the Turkish military of opening fire at its forces in Tal Abyad after the majority Arab town was included into a Kurdish enclave after fights with isis soldiers.200 The proposal did not garner any real support from Washington or nato allies who fear it would require an internationally patrolled no-fly zone and potentially put them in direct confrontation with Assad and his allies.Turkey has on several occasions also been militarily attacking Rojava territory and defence forces."In Turkey, a late crackdown on Islamist fighters".The population of Syrian refugees in Turkey has 30 percent in 22 government-run camps near the Syrian-Turkish border.369 After the February 2016 Ankara bombing the head of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) denied any involvement and said that Turkey is using this attack as a "pretext" to intervene in Syria.The Global War on Terror and the Narrative of the Uyghur Terrorist Threat" (PDF).A b "Turkish president apologizes for downing of Russian warplane last year".Retrieved "Turkey to fight Islamic State, Erdogan says".A b "Turkish Foreign Ministry rejects claims of killings on Syrian border".

166 However the Kurdistan Freedom Falcons (TAK) took responsibility for the attack and said they targeted security forces.167 On February 22, 2016, ssia joint cease-fire deal announced to take effect in Syria on Feb.United Nation Security Council."Family suspects foul play in death of US journalist in Turkey"."Security Council Al-Qaida and Taliban Sanctions Committee Adds Name of One Individual to Consolidated List".318 In addition he told that Turkey wants to revive the Ottoman Empire.Idlib has been a Turkish zone of influence for some time, with Ankara supporting opposition groups there.For the incursion of Turkey's military into Syria that began in January 2018, see.Retrieved 20 September 2016.Moscow has shown that it is capable of conducting a successful military campaign beyond its borders, and that it has its ally's back.
With the Islamic State militant group (isis) mostly defeated in the east, the focus of Syrias nearly seven-year war has shifted west, particularly to the northwestern district of Afrin, where Turkey and the insurgent Free Syrian Army have begun attacking a Kurdish militia known.

168 Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Turkey would continue shelling Kurdish militants across the border in Syria, despite calls from Washington and other Western capitals to halt the attacks.