trump might actually win

So much for the art of the deal.
Donald, trump attended the, trump, invitational Grand Prix Mar-a-Lago Club last year with wife Melania and son Barron.
Because everything Americans can do to show the media they are wrong, they will do at this point.
It was the night he won the New Jersey primary.Trump than the "experts" think.Gays can now marry, that's fine with.You lost ALL authority over the last 15 years.Listen, I have my beliefs.Stop thinking, start doing.Trump is in it to help.Comedy writer Nick Jack Pappas mocked Twitter's obsession du jour with references to actual fake-news drivel spread by the conspiracy-minded members of the.Green." Shortly after the revelation, the Associated Press published a brief, lighthearted piece about a real-life man named John Baron, who was a partner in a Denver management consulting firm.Trump " story is silly I mean where would they find another woman willing to go places with him snarked goldengateblond.By getting things done.How is that related to pro-choice and gay marriage?In the tweet, one user asks, "Are you really Melania.And then he would get whatever deal he wanted, worth millions more than what he was currently being paid.Trump, organization to request an interview with the boss, they were sometimes referred to a spokesman, instead.When the original plan to build.
Old house thats damp and dreary and has only TWO floors!

It suggests that the billionaire real estate mogul is or, at least, was not so bold as he likes to present himself.For the record, there is no Melania.Stop talking about IT!Was pink camo baby gift set Vargas joking or serious?That seemed to be the feeling in the exasperated East Wing.We laugh at these people, and we laugh when they are called "elites".Trump 's side was not his wife.I don't even go there.His tiniest musings would be discussed and dissected everywhere by everybody for days, weeks, months!
Soon after a tweet asserting this was posted, the reaction tweets were off to the races as jokesters, paranoids, gif-makers and.

Friends, Donald, trump never actually wanted to be President of the United States.
The story is fascinating and worth a look.
Revelation: Im actually going to be the Republican nominee and my rich beautiful life is f ing over!