They also do electronic and audio, so do qualify for this listing.
June 2009 update: They are currently accepting erotic romance.
"An Australian company with a red hot chili peppers store coupon code global focus; they deal.S.They follow a traditional publishing model for the writers that they sign, but they also offer a la carte services, such as editing and ebook formatting for authors who choose to self publish.February 2008 update: this entry is dated, but I'm unwilling to click their email link.No indication that they remain a market.But this does suggest that they remain in business.Lady oracle-They do do some publishing; see entry in Services section.February 2011 update: Their free options continue, including electronic publication via Kindle: author gets 70 of the cover price on all sales.Still, the author is not satisfied.Okay, here is my problem: I have evidence this is not the whole truth, but can't run it because of the threat of retaliation against the authors.But some writers can be minions from Hell, and I have encountered those too.July 2013 update: It says Earn 60 Royalties on Your Self-Published Books" They'll show you how.February 2006 update: Submissions are closed, and by invitation only until further notice. .Editing service is a minimum of 300.I was sent a warning about this one, which apparently took over from the defunct Treeside Press and has not been good about issuing statements or returning rights.They take electronic rights only, for two years; authors can abridge that in four months if they are unhappy or need their rights back for other reasons.
Their publishing package is 1,367.
Forbidden publications - m/.

That may be more than the Relationships volume it was excluded from.I also understand that editors are being fired.We're not going to let that happen to you." Their publication package is 239.I have one report from a satisfied writer.That come in, and that's a real plus for authors who truly believe in their work and are not just publishing to make themselves feel good." February 2008 update: Now their POD fee is 299, plus 18 a year.It seems a shame, but they will be back in future.BOX lunch books - m/.But see Virtual Tales, which may take some of the material published here. [email protected] - see Services section audible - m/.April 2009 update: Now I am informed it was a unilateral decision corrected by the publisher about ten minutes after it was announced; I did not receive that followup.
Takes exclusive worldwide electronic rights and print-on-demand for the term of the copyright.