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I've not shared this in public before.
3Drift, ferry Halim is one of the most inventive game developers around at the moment.You are helped in your task by tools that allow you to bend and dubai opera tickets discount split nec classic motor show discount code the light beams.8Flower Reaction Flower Reaction may not be the first game to feature this chain-reaction style of game play ( Boomshine did it long before) but it is certainly one of the prettiest examples in the genre.Until very recently, I was addicted to Loops of Zen.Magically, after a few minutes play, all my worries fade away and I feel relaxed and revived and full of new optimism.Loops of Zen is a serene puzzle game where you manipulate shapes to make sure there are no jagged ends.Simply look, touch and move at your own pace.But most fishing games I've played have been more frustrating than enjoyable, thanks to complicated and unpredictable controls.The flash version of the game is very good and can be played here.Coloured balloons drift lazily by in the warm breeze.One of the reasons my husband set up this blog for me was that it might distract me from playing this game.Bell Brothers and, I have to say, I am mightily impressed by their work.The Insider Picks team writes about stuff.1Music Catch, when ever things start getting to me - whether it be looming deadlines at work, an aggressive boss or horrible events taking place in the world - there is one game I turn.As someone who plays games myself, I know the gaming community is largely made up of people who eat, sleep, and breathe games.

Not addicted as in "I quite liked playing the game" but in "I spent every spare moment playing it".Music Catch, a fun puzzle game where you collect yellow and purple music notes while avoiding the nasty red notes, accompanied the whole time by some of the best music I have heard in a Flash game.You can check out all of Insider Picks' 2017 gift guides here.No, the game is not called Heroin.The game could not be easier to play.A quick click of your mouse extends your line.2flOw, created by, jenova Chen as part of his university thesis, flOw is a unique evolution simulator, in which you guide a creature from its first days of life, helping it to find food, fighting off predators and exploring the world.
But you don't need a console to get your fix of gaming serenity.