Even as an adult, I learned so much about caterpillars and butterflies with this kit.
That means a pick or two of this list will keep the family happy (sane!) and feeling good all year long.
For younger toddlers, the steps side is great for climbing and, once they get older, the boat side is a lot of fun for rocking.
Kinetic Sand, i think the best gifts for kids are the ones that adults enjoy playing with as well.Psst You can also: Sign Up for Email Alerts of the Best Toy Sales Here!(You can read my review for it here.) High Budget Toys 75-150 Micro Mini Kick Scooter This must be the best brand of scooters because almost every ryan voucher code single toddler Ive seen on a scooter has been riding a Micro Mini.Not only does it ensure time for connecting with each other each week, it also gets your kids in the habit of communicating with you something that will pay-off big time when theyre older.Best Toys for Building.T.E.M.Pin it to your favorite gift or toy board or bookmark it (and share it with your mom friends theyll thank you!).Can usually buy me a good chunk of independent play from the kids.It is literally the only toy that he freaks out about Alexa playing with.Elephant and Piggie Book Series.I loved Legos growing up and still remember spending endless hours playing with them.We call the buttons dots and besides creating button art have used it to sort, count, and teach colors.Hape Modern Doll House I love this modern dollhouse.
Plus, kids develop differently and at different rates at this age.
This is the one of the only electronic toys on my list.

Brio Train Set Another wish list toy.Max enjoys playing with this dollhouse and, yes, I know he is a boy.Max has cooked food for us, burned his finger on the stove, gotten water for us from the faucet and washed dishes.And it is sturdy enough to be (mis)handled by a toddler.Others, like Max, not so much.What are your thoughts on the toys in my guide?I first saw them when we were at a local childrens museum and I just had to have.Plus kids absolutely love it, which means carefully selected, engaging toys can lead to hours upon hours of both independent and cooperative play.The blocks are beautifully crafted, solid, and heavy.Top Toys for Babies and Young Toddlers.Max likes to grab the plates and utensils from his play kitchen and use them for snacks.
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Gift Guide #9: Best Toys for Art Craft Lovers I believe every house with kids should have a stocked art drawer (in a perfect world, an entire art closet!) I absolutely love gifting my kids art supplies because I know that while using them theyll.

They are perfectly shaped and sized for toddler hands and easy to make bold, pigmented marks with.
Plus big bonus because these supplies get used up, they dont contribute to a huge pile of toys that will inevitably lead to power struggles between me and the kids over clean-up time.
Scroll through each of our gift guides categorized by interest and find the perfect thing for your loving kid!