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Maha Yazawin (in Burmese).
Sri Suriya Chandra, Shin Da, daughter of the Dheenyawaddy Wun.At Amarapura, Mandalay, 1807 née Me Lun Thu, daughter of the Meen Wun, who had issue, two sons.Sri Vati, Shin Myat Thwu, Zalun Myosa Mibura (d.He received allegiance from the chief of Htihlaing, who helped him raise men.Nutavati, Shin Aung Da, daughter of the Maingseit.With his army, Kyansittha drove Yamankan out.University of California Press.Maung Maung Tin, U kat von d promo code 2017 (1905).18 The title's meaning is "Fortunate Buddhist King, Sun of the Three Worlds".Dha Oumma, Shin Min, daughter of the Hee Wun.Sri Theinkha Mahay Thee, Sawhla Myosa Mibura, daughter of the Maharaja of Assam.

The Khmer Empire, the other Southeast Asian power, stopped raiding southern Pagan territory.The Burmese force entered Assam in January, 1817 and defeated superbalist promo code 2018 the Assamese force in the battle of Ghiladhari.At Amarapura, Mandalay, (div.The chronicles also speculate that Kyansittha's real father might not be Anawrahta but Yazataman, the Pagan official who guarded Pyinsa Kalayani during her journey to Pagan.London: Frank Cass.April 1083 (Kason of 445 ME).It was the end of Kyansittha's career.

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(div.) Sri Andara, Shin Gyi, Shwegun Yuwasa, daughter of the Wailoo Kyaw Htin.
A daughter of the Moha Sing Raja of Manipur.