New loyalty program is based on visits, not points or purchases.
By Erin Rigik, Senior Editor, thorntons just announced the launch of its new Refreshing.
After 10 visits, guests graduate to the Premium Level, where benefits include gas price alerts, 10 cents off per gallon on their birthday and emailed receipts.
Headquartered in Louisville,., Thorntons operates 178 gasoline and convenience stores, car washes and travel plazas in six states: Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee and Florida.We partnered with shrine of st joseph gift shop Paytronix, and developed it off of a platform that will help us engage our guests and develop a strong relationship with our guests.I decided to download the app, and I like pretty much everything about it, except that I have to individually delete 95 messages for some reason!The program features a welcome, premium and VIP level, with different benefits at each level.We are hiring in different departments, find out more information here!Rewards card and need a replacement just stop by any Total.We wanted to be able to reward our guests for choosing.In addition to the three levels are surprise benefits.These messages are no longer relevant, AND they are taking up storage space in my phone which makes me want to delete the app).It wasnt a question of when we would launch one, so much as it was finding the right program and having it in place so we could move forward with it, Jeff Keune, chief marketing officer.How It Works, the Refreshing.During the official launch of the program customers have enjoyed live music, giveaways, free samples and more.Rewards program is unique, because it is based on visits, not on points or purchase amountsevery time customers checkout, they get a visit.Rewards account, we are unable to provide personal information, including account numbers, via email or telephone.Thorntons, so were not concerned about exactly what they buy or when theyre there.In addition to the mobile option, when guests register well give them a standard card and keyfob, and we also ask for a phone number, which they can use as an alternate ID at the pump or inside the store, he added.
I am not going to waste my time individually deleting 95 messages.
Its as much as about rewarding our guests as it is showing our appreciation and creating a relationship with our guests.

The welcome level begins 30 itunes gift card when customers sign.Customers can use the loyalty platform theyre most comfortable with to gain rewards.Rewards program, which is focused on enhancing experiences for its customer base across all its markets.In order to protect the security of your Total.We built a program around that concept and the insight is if you can create that relationship and continue to build a strong brand, then you can grow your business overtime.This will allow them to offer you the best rates available based on your tracked play and book your reservation.If you have lost your Total.

If I dont hear something from someone in a reasonable amount of time I will delete the app and give this a worse review.
So we built that surprise and delight benefit into the program, and its similar to what you might see in Panera or similar programs out there in the restaurant space.
We have been observing and exploring over the last year and 18 months, weve been testing and now was the right time to roll it out.