2nd Period- Serce takes bottom.
Some grapplers bounce their lead knee off the mat, others stay on their feet, but all successful double leg takedown artists have ways to get really close to their opponent quickly discount maternity swimwear Following through by either lifting, driving, or turning the corner.Spann stops the first mood and rides tight.No score despite lots of action on top.Young in deep on a head inside single and gets the takdown to go up 10-3.Holley gives up the escape, 5-2 as the period winds down.Looking to get inside control.Common Mistake: Allowing the opponents elbow to drift away from their body.
matt 12:13:16 i missed the results for Raines match.
Section 5 gets its first State title of the night!

Sarow chucks Martusciello for at least a 5 point move, But Martusciello wont go down without a fight as he works off his back and goes down 8-0 Martusciello cant get a break as he gets reversed in the third.He is on bottom and gets mat returned.Scramble, oh man, Schuster catches a leg and is able to hang on with 13 seconds left, hit for stalling again but wins 3-2 and advances. .They go out 1:20 in the second.12-2 final for Runfola.Ferro will see the 2-seed, Perlleshi, next round that Schuster upset in the quarters. .Scoreless mtg deals coupon code with 0-0 1min left in 2nd period matt 14:16:23 D1 138lbs. matt 15:58:41 Torres still up 2-0 start of second.Bruno quad-pods to a stand up (all-fours, heavyweight style Runfola rides tight and finishes on top.
Holley broken flat off the whistle, Floyd digging a bar but Holley swims it forward and bases.
1-1 as regulation expires.