Discount: After speaking to the owner, Paul, who mentioned the shop is currently closed for clarion resort fontainebleau hotel discount code reconstruction, he answered thoughtfully that a discount for bringing a reusable mug seems like a good idea and they may start.
Thats Dads Crimbo pressie sorted, however, it is a toss up between fragrance direct student discount looking like a bit of a nerd and still being able to remember what a tree is in 10 years time.
Since 2009, sustainability @BU has provided reusable coffee mugs to community members who sign.Cafe Grumpy 193 Meserole Ave., between Newel St Diamond., Greenpoint.Café Pedlar 210 Court., in Cobble Hill.Actually, maybe theres a good argument that its time to raise the cup discount: Starbucks could consider offering 15 cents cup discount for your own cup, and 5 cents for a reusable straw.Currently, patrons receive a 10 cent discount for bringing their own cup, but this is not enough to sway behaviors.
These shops are slightly vague about their discounts: Variety Café 368 Graham Ave., between Conselyea St Skillman Ave., East Williamsburg, Williamsburg North Side.

Starbucks, Campus Convenience, and other local vendors, offer discounts on coffee if you bring your own mug.(H/t Thank you, aymee for the pic and idea!Starbucks has announced that they are moving to all compostable straws in their stores, but this isnt a perfect solution.Maybe we can cut down on these a bit.Starbucks, various Brooklyn locations, discount: As part of their, green Project, they take 10 cents off beverages when you use your own reusable travel mug.Dunkin Donuts 10 Buick Street Buick Street Market.The idea is this: If you bring in your own straw to Starbucks, you get a discount on your cold beverage.Two things happen when you purchase coffee out: You pay sometimes upwards.50 just to satisfy a caffeine craving; and you end up using a disposable paper cup that adds to a growing waste problem.
If you bring in your own reusable cold cup, including the straw, you would get 15 cents off of your cold beverage purchase.

Rhetts at Union Court 775 Commonwealth Ave George Sherman Union.
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