This year we have everything from awesome lightsabers to augmented reality games to DIY droids to choose from.
The force is indeed strong with these one.Yes, it free golf equipment giveaways 2017 looks lovely.Star Wars Episode xiii: The Last Jedi and I can hardly contain my excitement.Of course, only true Star Wars superfans with very deep pockets and a love for PC gaming will ever be able afford one.Star Wars Immersion Blender -.99 at Amazon, blend with the Dark edit: Pangea.This remote controlled marvel will get you from reality to your galactic destination with a bang.And it brews up to four cups of magical coffee.Charlie Fink calls it "the device that will define." Besides, who doesn't want to have virtual reality (or "augmented reality lightsaber duels?It replicates the original perfectly, complete with a weathered look.Knocking the "blade" against something makes a sound as well, so you can have pretty realistic duels with sound and all.Chewbaca Messenger Bag Keeps things nice and neat for when youre on the go with this Chewbaca Messenger Bag that can fit a 11 MacBook Air, netbook, or tablet, plus has various pockets and moreall for.UltraSabers Lightsabers (Price Varies an UltraSabers edit: UltraSabers, i can't even begin to recommend these lightsabers highly enough.

But you can live the dream with this innovative toaster.These light up chop sticks offer the options of blue or red to define your allegiance.Its a 2011 favorite and will still delight any fan who doesnt have it yet.And because its a unique gift, it will show them that you gave it some thought.Fans of the force get ready for an exclusive extravaganza.It's out there, somewhere, in a galaxy not so far away.If you enjoyed Sphero's excellent little BB-8 app-controlled droid, this should make a fine new addition to the collection.Han Solo in Carbonite Business Card Holder Heres another great gift for professional Star Wars fans since the Han Solo in Carbonite Business Card Holder will hold bowling pin gifts all their cards and show off their love for the franchise.
Star Wars Trivial Pursuit (Black Series Edition) -.37 at Amazon Star Wars Trivial PursuitCredit: Hasbro For the true Star Wars nerds it's, well it's Trivial Pursuit.

Immersion blenders are great.
Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Episodes I-VI) on Blu-Ray Provide the ultimate Star Wars experience for any fan, new or old, with this Star Wars Blu-Ray collection that features all the movies in one set and has special extras like audio commentary and more.