Some manufacturers may have slightly different names for the parts, but of the brands Ive used theyre basically the same pieces.
Then place the strike plate on top and hammer into place.A toms promo code december 2015 few solid hits usually work for.Youll need the required size of snaps for your project and a snap setting tool and a hammer (a pin and water-soluble pen come in handy, too).Once the Cap half of the snap is set, I fold the flap (or whatever youre attaching) into place in its closed position.Just be sure to be gentle when prying the parts apart next to the fabric and you should have no issues.If you have any questions please leave them in the comments and Ill do my best to answer them below.For instance, with my Snappy Manicure wallet, you wouldnt want the back part of the stud-half of the snap to show on the interior of the wallet, so the order of install is a bit different the stud half of the snap is set first.Push the prongs through the fabrics and then lay the cap into the bottom part of the snap setter.And of course feel free to add in any tips or tricks youve learned!Setting a Snap (Dritz on left, Snap Source on right).
The socket part gets added next with the raised part facing the cap (so raised side down in this case).

I have also used the Dritz snap pliers and I cant recommend them unfortunately, the few pliers Ive tried havent held the cap part of the snap in place very well, making install pretty difficult.Just feel for the prongs and adjust as necessary.Try and plan ahead in your particular project and you should do just great.I slightly lift the flap and poke a pin into where the center of the snap hits on the fabric.Ive been there, more than just a few times.Sign Up, have more questions?Snap Source setter theres a middle alignment piece that you place down on top that helps align the socket.Manufacturers usually recommend using snaps on heavier fabrics or/in addition to interfacing.