Seastar arrives at Michaelmas Cay and as the boat moors, it is at once surrounded by large and friendly Batfish.
No show, No Refund.
With a Dive Instructor by your side; you will be guided to the easily visited and more interesting areas of this truly amazing reef.Guided snorkelling tours offer passengers the perfect opportunity to safely snorkel under the crew's watchful supervision!Seastar visits two spectacular reef locations on the Great Barrier Reef from Cairns!Due in part or in whole to: adverse weather, strong winds, mechanical matters or any other problem or issue that may affect the safe operation of the tour.The snorkelling area at Hastings Reef has a depth of water over the top of the reef that may be only one crawfish for cancer promo code metre but at the bottom of the drop off on the reef's edge; the depth falls away up to 10 metres.Certified Divers, take your time to enjoy exploring all that this reef has to offer.We recommend wait 24hours after multiple Dives prior to flying.Birdwatchers can take the first tender to the beach and enjoy sighting the apprehensive and shy black napped turn, little turn and ruddy turnstones before they move out of sight into the restricted or nesting areas of the Cay, as frequently happens when the visitor.Certified Divers must show Certified Card.These inquisitive, harmless fish enjoy swimming with snorkellers.

In just 1 hour and 15 minutes, the speedy air-conditioned Seastar 1 will take you from Cairns to the magnificent Michaelmas Cay, the largest of the local uninhabited coral cays.On arrival at Hastings Reef you will arrive at 'Seastar Lagoon' in the 'Fish Bowl one of the best parts of Hastings Reef right on the outer edge of the Great Barrier Reef!NO refunds on uncompleted Dives.Along the steep edges of the reef, there are swirling schools of small fish, colourful parrot fish, turtles, giant clams, small reef sharks, bright yellow butterfly fish, pairs of rabbit fish, countless varieties of brightly coloured damsel fish and of course, Nemo or Clown Fish!Seastar's comfortable tender can transfer you the short distance from the boat to the cays edge.Cancellation: 100 cancellation fee if you cancel within 24 hours of booked departure, which includes any factors beyond your/our control.g.Introductory Divers, if you enjoyed your first dive at Michaelmas Cay, you will find that the experience gained during your initial dive will assist you to fully enjoy your second dive at Hastings Reef.