rewards for sales personnel

Not only do these types of sales incentives reward high performers, but they also help them to bond with each other, increasing the likelihood that they will stick with you for the long run.
Each time you recognize an employee for their success, have them randomly pick a reward from the jar, or reward each employee with his reward of choice.
Theres a reason that travel and experiences are such popular sales incentives: They work.
If appropriate for your office, treat your staff to a casual Friday as a reward for a great week.Enlightened marketing strategists know that the top twenty percent are already motivated.A creative approach to rewarding and encouraging success can have a profound effect on the productivity of your staff.Beatifying the sales leaders instills excitement and a definable hierarchy that beckons all players to become a part.Speak about other things than work and dont be afraid to also show a bit your human side.The monetary values of incentives are often not the critical factor in motivating salespeople to succeed.Pizza Party, a tried-and-true sales incentive idea, the pizza party is an employee favourite.Present it to your employee with a small gift like a decorative pen, voucher for Amazon, or anything you may know theyd appreciate.The risk in a program like this is that the glove that fits everyone in the end fits no one.There is still a cost to having people out of the office, but this type of reward can go a long way in terms of employee satisfaction.Why All Sales People Are Not Motivated 1) The 80-20 Rule, twenty percent of the salespeople make eighty percent of the sales and profits.Instead of sending one salesperson to Hawaii for a week, create a sales contest with a team experience such as a team dinner or outing to a fun event as a prize to add an additional level of effectiveness.The problem, from the vendors' point of view, is that not all salespeople are motivated the same way.The item should be something sexy enough to get a salesperson excited but at the same time also have the potential to positively impact the salespersons productivity.
Who wouldnt be excited about a few days in Vegas or a week in Hawaii?
Create scratch-off cards that accompany every closed deal.

Either don't understand their value and/or are unsure how to sell them.And theres a way you can squeeze more performance out of an experiential incentive, too.If your company is located in a busy area with limited parking, then your sales people probably dislike having to pay to park far away and walk to the office.Other options are extra vacation days, or the option to be flexible with their schedules.Alternatively, you can also offer a prize for every 100 cold calls madeeven if they were all rejections.Appreciation Jar, have all of your employees write up inexpensive gift options or recognition ideas that theyd like, then put them all in an appreciation jar.The feeling of being needed and appreciated is a basic human need.Every goal should offer a different amount of money, with closed deals getting the most cash.A gesture that when practiced regularly can boost morale."Get them their stuff quickly!" 6) Recognition At the risk of making salespeople appear shallow or monolithic (they are not recognition amongst their peers incomm gift card mall is still the quintessential motivator, whether there's an incentive program or not.Consequently, not all incentive programs work.

Spending the same money on a high-end watch or other aspirational item could very well be the ticket.
Your sales people will appreciate being able to have some extra time with their families and friends after all the time they put in at the office.