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The VentureOne has a 0 introductory rate that will last up to one year, while the Venture Rewards does not.
Both of these cards are for people with excellent credit.Paying off your balance before the statement cycle closes can reduce your debt-to-credit ratio and improve your credit score.For every dollar you spend you get.25 miles.This card comes with no foreign transaction fees.The cards are also great for international travel: both cards have no foreign transaction fees.Besides travel and gift cards, you can also use your Capital One Miles for cash back (in the form of a check or statement credit for a non-travel purchase) or merchandise.Pay Your Bills Right Away.A one-time bonus of 50,000 miles once you spend 4,500 on purchases within 3 months what is an appropriate monetary gift for a college graduation from account opening.Book Flights through the Capital One Site.This is double the industry standard of 1, which means youre getting a generous influx of rewards every time you use the card.But beyond this, there arent any clever methods for getting more miles.However, this relationship does not result in any preferential editorial treatment.

The APR for the Venture cards vary depending on your creditworthiness.The benefits are decent too, earning you.25 to 2 miles for every dollar you spend.For consumers: Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card.This is done with hypothetical examples, where the points needed for a travel redemption is determined by multiplying the cost of a ticket by 100.If the cost of your flight is 250, you need 25,000 points.Not only has the company brought on several A-list celebrities to become the face of the program, but Capital One Venture rewards are also some of the most flexible travel rewards available. .If amc loews gift certificate you still prefer to get cash back, you will be able to receive either a check or a statement credit.In addition, youll get a 5,000-mile bonus if you get at least one employee card within your first 60 days of account opening.This redemption method will get you a value of one cent per mile, too, so if a getaway isnt achievable, theres still a way to decent value from your rewards.
Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card.
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The 59 annual fee for the Venture Rewards card is waived for the first year, so near the end of your year term, be sure to assess the benefits of the card to ensure that the annual fee youll be paying is worth.