relief society gift ideas for sisters birthdays

Here are ideas that were posted on my Facebook Page Deanna Beamer Evans: We usually get a small pocket calendar for the new year with a directory of all of the sisters addresses, phone numbers and birthdays added.
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Music CD to burn, music CD We came up with this idea for a gift to give our RS sisters for Christmas, and then I was seta jewelry promo code asked if I could put together a CD with some good music for the Young Women, we did not.
We ended up wanting it to be a spring, picnic-like dinner, and everyone seemed to enjoy.I loved how convenient it was to buy these sets.First, you will need a slip of 1 x 3 1/4 paper to stick inside.We didnt want to do just candy because so many of the sisters have dietary restrictions or really dont want more candy.She also dressed up in a Japanese outfit (not a kimono I cant remember what she called it which I thought was pretty cool.Tip: The color copiers at places like Staples and Office Depot are way better than your home printer.Other ideas Here are a few other ideas to give you some inspiration: Dinner from the 1840s I thought this would have been fun make a bunch of food that the sisters may have made back when the RS was organized.You can either roll it around the ink tube or I found it easier to use a skinny knitting needle.Each sister brings one of her shoes and everyone places it on the table in the front of the room.Very feminine and simple.Cookbook Gift Idea, my sister gave the girls in her ward that were graduating and entering RS, a cookbook with College Friendly Recipes in it and an apron.Fun and simple Relief Society Birthday Ideas!We are excited about the pens being a little reminder to the sisters throughout the year.I think its.99 for 30 they were so pretty, and the whipped frosting was delicious.
Also, if you are having a hard time getting it tight, try rolling it around something thicker first and then rolling it around the knitting needle.

And making them is easy.I have loved this calling so far organizing and planning activities has always been something Ive enjoyed, and its different than other callings Ive had at church.The center of each table was decorated with little candy bars (we customized the wrappers from Shindigz and bought the candy bars from Costco metallic confetti, and then a little pink gable favor box that we had stickers made to put on that said.We printed them as photos so it was not expensive to print.We had a recent convert give a little talk about her favorite General Conference talk, and she also talked a little bit about her conversion story, which I loved.Everybody needs a pen, they have zero calories, they are hypoallergenic, and cost less than a 1 each!Poem for RS Birthday Handout.Anything not pertaining specifically to the content of a post will be removed (including comments about ads).Chicken Salad Croissant Sandwiches.I cant remember if Ive mentioned this or not, but I was recently called to be the Relief Society activity committee leader in my ward.Pasta dinner Relief Society Birthday Activities Bingo The other activities committee leader (who was in charge of this activity) had originally created a Bingo game for us to play.
Delene Bullard: We decided as a presidency we are going to give our.S.

Fun to be One theme for some of the custom items we bought.
Address Labels Gift Idea, thanks to Lynette for giving sharing this idea!