3.30.4 If before January 2012 you followed previous guidance and gifts to buy my girlfriend for christmas destroyed records between 4 and 6 years old you will not be penalised.
If the charity is notified of a change in the donors name or address, it must keep a record of the updated information - this can be kept as an electronic copy such as a scanned document.3.14.7 Companies that are wholly-owned by a charity or one or more charities have 9 months from the end of an accounting period in which to pay the amount they want to donate to the charity as a qualifying charitable donation.Any free tickets (100 each) given to the benefactor are benefits for the purposes of the Gift Aid benefit limit (which are 300 for a 6,000 donation) - so 1 free ticket valued at 100 is within the Gift Aid benefit limit.The charity will not be able to claim Gift Aid on the net sale proceeds, but the charity will not be charged Capital Gains Tax when it sells the asset, if the proceeds are used for charitable purposes only.3.43.3 A payment to purchase a ticket (or an admission charge) to attend a charity event is not a gift to charity but the purchase of a right to attend the event.3.26.2 hmrc takes the view that donations to cover the costs incurred by a charity such as a missionary society in supporting the relative of the donor, as a missionary, can qualify under the Gift Aid Scheme provided the missionary society is not merely channelling.This is likely to be a one-off donation and the declaration should reflect this.However, where a payment is made in excess of the requested contribution the excess can be Gift Aided provided the requested contribution meets the cost of the trip (the benefit).As the annual value of the right to the discount exceeds the limit of 25 (that is the limit for donations of 100 to 1,000) the donation fails the relevant value test and so cannot qualify as a Gift Aid donation.The rules that apply are considered in the rest of this Chapter.Gift Aid can only be claimed on the balance donated after commission and related VAT has been deducted the agreement should specify that if the cumulative net sales proceeds are less than 100 for Method A or 1,000 for Method B in a tax year.
Gift Aid can apply as long as the right of admission is available to donors at all times when the property is open for viewing by members of the public.

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In such a situation the charities involved need to ensure that: the donor is aware how his or her donations to be split between the charities listed on the declaration they each keep records of how the donations have been divided between them - each.Property preserved, maintained, kept or created.39.15 The property being viewed does not necessarily have to be preserved, maintained by the particular charity granting a right of admission but must be preserved, kept by a charity, with similar objects to the charity making the admission.However, Mr Green only paid Income Tax of 250 during the 2015 to 2016 tax year and so he owes the 350 difference in tax (600 total Gift Aid tax claimed less 250 Income Tax paid by Mr Green) to hmrc.A charity may decide to provide visitors with benefits as a thank you for making an optional 10 donation, this is acceptable providing the benefits do not exceed the normal benefit rules.Therefore, Peter will pay Donations Tax of 20 X R10,000 R2,000.VAT business/non-business calculation.39.55 The receipt of donations does not in itself create a requirement to carry out a business/non-business calculation.
Further details on the procedures to follow when transferring original records onto microfiche or an electronic medium can be found in paragraph.4 of Chapter.
The general rule for the deduction of employees expenses is at section 336 Income Tax (Earnings and Pensions) Act 2003.