The Legend of Korra has the stayz gift voucher sports announcer discussing everything going on in the Pro-Bender arena.
It turns out that while it is technically Sigma, it's a future version of him, whose body the consciousness of the present day Sigma was inhabiting.This game features multiple paths where various characters die like the first game and some endings where everyone dies like some 999 endings.It was released in February 2012 in Japan, was released October 23rd in America, and November 2012 in Europe, courtesy of Rising Star Games.In Umineko: When They Cry, the first arc ends with a note written by Maria Ushiromiya that relates to the murders that took place on the island of Rokkenjima in 1986."OH gods help ME" Labyrinthian is another good example, and one involved in a major questline.As the rescue team enter the deserted Glasgow in Doomsday we're treated to excerpts of Kane's log, detailing his frantic attempts to survive in a barricaded hospital as civilisation outside crumbles and burns in the aftermath of the Reaper virus outbreak.The cameramen were among the first to be shot when the gunman broke in, and no one was able to turn it off, so the camera kept rolling as the congregation was massacred.He finishes saying he'd leave the report where it could be found, and then make sure the creatures wouldn't be able to use his heart for their nest.7.30pm: Let it end, let it end, it's 46-all.How unfair you can." "You both crossed a line you weren't supposed to cross.The space outdoor channel sweepstakes 2017 station crew managed to acquire a few of the logs of the Blackstar 13 (a shuttle Jason had gone on a rampage in) before it crashed into a nearby planet."I've taken refuge in the forward compartment and am now running on reserve power.There is also a miniquest near Kvatch involving a man that believes he must appease "The Sunken One" to prevent the rest of the world from suffering the same fate as Kvatch.
Goes out of his way to work in a rabbit or vegetable-related pun in every sentence.

Knockout Gas : As in 999, Zero used traps and grenades containing an aerosol version of the liquid drug in each player's bracelets, Soporil, to incapacitate and capture each victim.In three of the routes, Dio proudly says aloud the bomb passcodes and confesses to being a Myrmidon just to rub it in people's faces, unaware that he is giving them the information they need to defeat him in the other timelines.It's a log of the events happening around his lab in Cardia, including a few things about Garland's growth and Cosmos.In the original Alone in the Dark, Jeremy Hartwood's diary is a chronicle of Derceto's increasing doom.The desert really, really sucks, by the way.She then tells Sigma to stop treating her like she is the only bad guy.
The Evil Dead trilogy uses this trope as the catalyst for its plot, as Professor Knowby, the researcher who first unearthed the Necronomicon, kept an audio journal chronicling his battle with his demon-possessed wife Henrietta, and his failed attempt to survive the night.

Until Sigma suddenly "remembers" that the Laboratory has an IG Replicator that can replicate Immunoglobin, which in turn can be used to manufacture a second dose of Axelavir so you can save both Alice and Quark.