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Welcome to Raffles Lease, established in 2006, Raffles Lease manages and gap gift cards on sale offers for lease worldwide a mens gifts at target wide range of containers including dry, tank, refrigerated and other special containers.
» »stroke/ mcao/ cancer/ plastic surgery, our Tissue Vitality units for measuring tissue oxygen monitors and Tissue Perfusion are excellent in-vivo, sensitive and non-consumptive technology.Furthermore, the imaging software is generously license free, and researchers are encouraged to pass the software to colleagues for analysis.Services for designing, installation Commissioning of projects on turnkey basis.Widely cited for a variety of application.Supply of Industrial automation and control products like, PLC, DCS, ESD and scada.Training for PLC/DCS/scada for Siemens, Allen Bradley and geip.Supply and services vendor for BMS, hvac, Security and surveillance including cctv, Fire Alarms, Access control, Intrusion, Public address system, BGS (back ground systems) with System integration facilities.We are well equipped to meet your worldwide container requirements with a flexible and customer focused approach.We take pride in our ability to bring quality and reliable products to satisfy the customized needs of our clientele.
»cancer research, our Gelcount units are intelligent Imaging systems for automate colony counting, allowing blackpool zoo military discount you to count colonies on the whole plate, rather than relying on counting portions of the plates.

With the Companys strategic ownership, experienced management as well as robust systems and procedures, Raffles Lease enjoys access to capital and funding from multiple cost competitive markets to support the ongoing purchase and leasing of container equipment.Our Tissue oxygen monitors measure the partial pressure of Oxygen, offering a more robust technology.We have been in service since 2002 now, and look forward to continuing to serve this exciting area of business.»encapsulation units Electro-static assist, Coaxial Air-flow; gravity-assisted; Laminar Jet Breakup; Coaxial Airflow Induced for live cell and drug delivery.Supply of Industrial instruments to measure and control pressure, temperature, flow, level and their relative properties.Supply and services vendor for Electrical Equipment including Substations, Switch gears, panels, cable, cable trays, lighting and all related assignment.Reproducibility in counting of all colonies is enhanced by user selected parameters.Small scale to semi-production throughput possible under normal and sterile conditions.We offer high quality products for life sciences and represent excellent manufacturers who have high reputation and record, best technology, reasonable price, excellent service.