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My big kids love the applesauce ones and would eat them for snacks too.
I was on the phone for only 5-10 minutes and gave basic info names, birthdays, and genders, credit card info.
We had about 200 credit under the kids' names, so we applied that toward our flights which helped.How we pulled it off, set a budget and save.Savings TIP: The first day of your cruise, you board the ship in the evening and basically just eat Dinner on-board.How did we cruise with kids and survive?Check out this video Bubba took using my iPhoneunder water!: It was really fun going snorkeling with our phones because we could take video and pictures of the fish we saw.This is what we wore to dinner one night.We got them from Costco or yard sales over time.The company has world-class customer service representative handling questions and concerns of existing travelers as well as potential customers simply needed a bit of pre-travel guidance.Just FYI3k for a trip is not only realistic, but that's actually on the LOW end of what to expect, sadly.If we hadn't been able to, it would've been a nightmare space-wise.They came in handy on the plane, in hotels, restaurants, on the boat, and on beaches.We read this article before going that made us feel confident about our decision to cruise.Part 3 covers: Traveling survival tips.

I tested this 2x and found it to be the case, as well as calling the cruise line directly and asking them how it works.To leave a comment about your customer service experience.Lauderdale, shuttle to Miami, and make it in to our ship time, so we were forced to fly in 1 day early.I was so exhausted from figuring out the flights and cruise info, I put my husband in charge of the hotels, so he really should be the one writing this portion!Instead of buying the soda card on day 1, I actually waited until day 2 to buy the card (the last day the special was being offered so I could get 5 full cash show win real cash zentertain days out.Booking your cruise far in advance is a way to get a great price, so taking your time can pay off for sure!You must be at least 21 years of age to purchase and consume alcohol.Photos, gifts, and shops.We used a shuttle van to get from the hotel to the Miami port the next day.
You don't tip any staff on-board, they have you pay it in one lump sum at the end of your cruise and they divide it out to all the staff.
And trust me, you'll need all the electronics you can get on your trip.

Picking and booking your cruise, breakdown of what our cruise cost.