United were facing one of the most physically intimidating and domineering champions ever in Chelsea, so to best them with such exuberant football was all the more impressive.
They was thereby google opinion rewards in app purchases probably the Premier Leagues most complete champions too.
Tottenham, who finished second, pocketed a total of 145m, with.8m of that coming as their reward for their final league position.
Leicester City owner Vichai ul Gilham/Getty Images.Manchester United Points per game:.4 Other trophies: none Uniteds 1999 Champions League win had put them onto another level, and well above the rest of the Premier League, amplified rewards trucash but this was almost like Chelsea 2005-06 in that it all felt too easy to really.Manchester United 1993-94, points per game:.19 Other trophies: FA Cup Fergusons most muscular United, as perfectly displayed by how they were the only side other than Chelsea 2014-15 to never move from top spot once in the season.Chelsea 2016-17 Points per game:.44 Other trophies: FA Cup final This was hyped as one of the most competitive Premier Leagues ever given it had its finest ever collection of managers so, whatever about the debate regarding the lack of European football, it reflects.Reaching the last 16 is worth 750k and the quarter-finalists receive an extra 1m each.Premier League prize money, in recent years, the prize money for the Premier League has risen considerably due to the deluge of television finance that has flooded into the game in England.That figure means they got more from TV than the champions Monaco, who are said to have pocketed.9m Champions League prize money uefa confirmed at the beginning of the season that a total.3bn (1.1bn) would be shared among the clubs competing in the.Every club gets a minimum of 8,782,088 for 10 live games or less, then an extra 747,922 for each televised game after that.Finance from those deals is distributed differently across the continent, with some leagues opting to include merit-based bonus payments as part of their pay-outs to clubs.However, factoring in TV money, Madrid ultimately earned around 150m, while Barca received roughly 143m.Chelsea 2014-15 Points per game:.37 Other trophies: League Cup Never budged in the table, but only because were forced to budge in approach, remarkably going from a brilliant open side to a very closed one.Manchester United 1996-97 Points per game:.97 Other trophies: none The Class of 92 were coming into their own, but still not quite the top-class group they would become.

League winners in 2016-17, Chelsea, were rewarded a total of 150m from the Premier League,.8m of which was based on the fact that they finished first in the division.Their games were televised 15 times.Chelsea made a steep fall to seventh in the prize-money standings, taking in just.1 million after ending the campaign in 10th.Leicester City, who reached the quarter-final the gift of the magi vocabulary practice answers stage, actually earned more from the Champions League than Madrid, pocketing.6m, while runners-up Juventus got the most at 110.4m.Points per game: 2 Other trophies: none Uniteds first in 26 years, as illustrated by just how many moments of doubt they suffered before pretty much learning how to win the league on the job.This was really Uniteds most emotional wins, rather than their most impressive.Manchester United 1998-99 Points per game:.08 Other trophies: Champions League, FA Cup Perhaps the most entertaining champions of all, but that is oddly the only reason they are not top of this list, despite topping the three major competitions that season - including the.United had not signed well after the departures of Ronaldo and Carlos Tevez, while Liverpool fell apart.In addition there is a facility fee for the number of times teams appear on the.
Article continues below La Liga follows the Premier League in terms of how lucrative it is for the clubs involved, but, despite housing two of the biggest clubs in the world, as well as the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, it trails the English competition.