Our four-year-old still loves his Aquadoodle so its a gift that will last a while.
Potatohead can take a little extra understanding and work.
You can also get a set like this Montessori pouring kit.
Plus, going to the library encourages you and your family to make regular trips to borrow and read books at home.Be careful when estimating a childs size that isnt your own.Collect a variety of leaves outdoors.Simple worksheets are a fantastic way to introduce your child to letters and numbers.I was able to introduce them to letters and even spell simple words.Using just the three primary colors ( this set is the one I used show your child how to mix and match to make new colors.These are activities Ive done with good gifts to get friends my own kids, so if I can do it, so can you.I love the farm because it provides children with the opportunity to use their imagination.Get organized with a free copy of my ebook, Time Management Strategies for the Overwhelmed Mom!These personalised placemats from Little Bellies come in many different designs and are solid with a cork backing.A matching cookware and dining set is also available.
Using magazines, junk mail, or construction paper, cut tiny pieces of paper.

Megablocks, megablocks are the perfect gift for tiny little hands.My kids are partial to mowers but I still think this is a classic toy that many children will enjoy playing with outside.For example, or son will only use straw cups.Get time management strategies, free!And most importantly, hell continue his love of learning, especially when the activities are stress-free and fun.You wont need to buy science kits or craft supplies galore.Playing with sand either at the beach or even in a sandbox at your local park can provide many learning activities for 2 year olds.Farm, Zoo, and Ocean Melissa and Doug Water Wow Books.
I love any toy that gets kids outside and moving.
Make these activities even easier with my printable learning activities!