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"Fundylite" Specimens -Calcite Pseudomorphs After Calcite from Fort Beausejour, NB Unusual pseudomorphs from a classic location!
Tsumeb Minerals I've added many new, excellent specimens from the Tsumeb Mine to this website.
Renato Baron - The apparitions of the gift of life for dogs Our Lady in Schio (Vicenza, Italy) (m) 108.She claims that her parish church has hauntings from demons, and that she was chosen by God to exorcise those demons.Joseite -B There is now a very nice group of Joseite -B specimens on my website.Shanti Christo Foundation (m) - claims messages channeled from Jesus; your basic New Age nonsense 118.Alix Fils-Aime (of the Arise Jerusalem Ministry) in Honesdale, PA, promoted under the title of 'Our Lady of All Graces' (p) The messages promote the heresy of Phariseeism, (e.g.

Check the "Grenville" pages.I've added a number of new specimens from Mont Saint-Hilaire to this website including peatite, monteregianite, sodalite, horvathite-(Y hilairite, gaidonnayite, neighborite, petersenite-(Ce) and many others.Various Minerals I've added many miscellaneous specimens here and there throughout the website.Cobalt, Ontario Mineral Specimens I've added many new, excellent specimens from the Cobalt Silver Mining area to this website.Ernest Rutaganda (ml) - Evaluation.Chase (t) - false prophecies based on bible code and astrology; makes the false claim that Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, is the Antichrist.Recently, I visited the Yukon Territory.I've added a new section to my website called "Books".Benedict's Priory, Dublin, Ireland.'.
These are specimens that I have obtained over 45 years.
Recently, I visited Peru and collected or purchased interesting minerals from a number of classic localities there.

Jeffrey Mine and Limestone Quarries Some very nice specimens of vesuvianite and grossular added to my website.