Words to describe: sweet, ripe, tart, gifts for a wrestler boyfriend full pineapples.
Initial spray is ripe pineapple with smoke.
This is marketed as an intense, stronger version of the regular.
The vial is tall, capapble of holding 4 ml, but its only half way full, so 2 ml.Fragrantica posiada unikalny system klasyfikowania perfum Pineapple Vintage Intense marki Parfums Vintage.Lets to begin, these sample vials are of high quality presentation.Not tart, not juicy, not sour.Rating:.5/10 now onto pricing discussion and recomendation, each bottle is 85 shipping (and tax depeneding on uline gift bags state so each bottle is around 90 for 100 ml edp.I am impressed too.Words to describe: smokey, sweet, aventus pre 2015.Twórc kompozycji zapachowej jest.This is because this is the first time ever straight up review in the world, featureing all 3 frags!For teh 1st hour, it is highly like aventus.If you're on a budget, get this.Either noir or intense.I ordered 3 samples, 1 of each.The smoke is noticeable.This "regular" version is like the pineapple heavy batches of aventus aka aventus today.Basically current aventus amped.

Maybe a little stronger here and there but not much difference.Pineapple Vintage Intense marki, parfums Vintage to szyprowo - ireland to win 6 nations owocowe perfumy dla kobiet i mczyzn.However, the smoke is not as strong, so it's like "aventus pre 2015 lite".If you like smoky aventus, this is the one to get.The card does not say!Sillage is low to medium, longevity is 4-6 hours.Note on all 3 cards, it says to spray 2-3 times in teh same spot from the vial to replicate 1 spray from actual bottle.I will keep all the cards and vials after done because they are collectible.
The card is nice and "collectible".