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How to make 100 all-natural body care gifts in one hour the method Print these instructions or keep the computer close by for the speediest gift-making process.
These Misty Minty Peppermint Patties are everything (and then some) that my old boyfriends never were: rich, cool, and pretty.
Next, fill the tea bags with approx.I used a paper towel to wipe off excess sugar and oil from the scrub jars, and use a paint brush to dust off the cookie bath mixture that had fallen on the outside of the oatmeal cookie bath containers.Other products that would be very easy to make in any down time during this hour (if you have some are: hand lotion, body oil, or perfume sticks.I truly believe that biting into a gorgeous pastel peppermint patty color rite paint promotion code tastes just that much better.When almost cool, divide into 3 and tint each lot desired colour (I used very small amounts of gel colours: leaf green, electric pink, and electric orange).

Please be very careful!You can purchase Ghirardelli Melting Wafers at most grocery stores.Use a fork or a handy Winton Dipping tool like I did to dip each patty in the chocolate, flip to coat the other side, then tap to remove any excess.Copycat York Peppermint Patties but better.Along with my festive spirit comes an almost immediate urge for minty treats.I like to use a stand mixer simply because it makes the recipe come together faster and the dough is evenly mixed, but you can stir it, then knead with your hand if youd like.
After mixing a rich and minty patty filling, I prepared and chilled the patties, then melted my Callebaut White Chocolate Couverture in a double boiler.