Note: If you are at job level 50, he will tell you that you can skip this test and move onto the next part.
After each room is cleared you will be warped to the next room.
Elder Pixie's Moustache x 5, wing of Red Bat x 5, orcish Voucher x 5, moth Dust.
Kill 1000 Kobold Archers, but do not kill any Wild Roses.On the road back to town, you see a very valuable object.Your party makes it to the fourth floor of the pyramid, what will you do now?Progress can be tracked using the Quest Log window (ALT U or by enabling Show Quest Information in the chat window options.Whenever you get one question wrong, you will have to start all over again.Talk to him again, then he'll tell you to get 100.Orcish, vouchers, but do NOT bring the Axe with you.Answer: Endure.10 Q3 What spear skill below uses the most sp?Answer: 'Give it to the person that deserves it the most.' or 'Discuss it with the others.' Q6 You decide to go back to Prontera and sell some of the valuble items you picked.There are 3 rooms in this test, each filled with monsters.Once you have killed the Argiope, return to King Froggy to receive a Frog Hat.Lantern, iron Arrow x 80, ancient Tooth, steel Arrow x 20, Crystal Arrow x 300.Answer: 'Ask the priest in your party to help.' Q5 You guys have to go to different places so you guys seperate yourselves into smaller groups.Not Applicable, talk to, chivalry Captain Herman to sign.Sir James Syracuse prt_in (71, 91) Inside the Knight's Guide Not Applicable Not Applicable There are 8 questions in this quiz.
Sir Edmund prt_in (70, 99) Inside the Knight's Guide Not Applicable Not Applicable In this test, you will be warped to a room with some porings, lunatics, chonchons, spores etc.

Once you completed the test and got warped out, talk to Sir Edmund again for tactics promotional code comfirmation.He'll ask to talk to Chivalry Captain Herman who will direct you to Lady Amy Beatris for the fourth test.What do you do?I'll share the drops with you.' Q10 Your getting tired so you decide to head back to town.Talk to the Phendark once more, giving him the.Kill 20 Zerom and 20 Requiem.A dev, designer, and an avid Ragnarok dear prized saturday weekly lottery Player.Back to Job Change, chivalry Captain Herman prt_in (88, 101 northwest corner of Prontera Town (Top Left of the map).Talk to the Sunglasses Trader NPC in Alberta (88, 193) She will ask for a 1carat Diamond, 50 Feathers, and 100,000 Zeny.
He will tell you to speak.
Kill 20 Green Maiden and 50 Mao Guai.

Fire Arrow x 1800, Mute Arrow.
Answer: Honor After you passed this part, speak with Chivalry Captain Herman and he will direct you to Sir Windsor for the third test.