Nemo arms, new Evolution Military Ordnance at least thats whats on their spec sheet.
Nemo takes pride in hospital gift shop manager jobs its product, and produces nearly everything in house.During test firing after rapidly shooting a 12-round string of shots we could immediately pick the zola promo code march 2017 gun up by the barrel without needing to run off to a burn center and thats with no gloves.A robust spring loaded button protrudes from the rear of the bolt celestial gifts muslin bags carrier.The nemo Omen Watchman.0 checks all of my boxes great hunting caliber lots of ammo choices hardly any recoil and finally this gun is scary accurate.Overall length collapsed (TBD) Weight unloaded (TBD).With an 18 steel barrel sculpted from a Bartlein blank, and chambered in-house the recon possesses effectiveness out to 1200 yards and beyond, making it ideal for applications from long range precision to hunting.Titanium through drilled takedown and pivot pins.The omen Recon follows the lineage of the Watchman, offering 300 WM performance in a shorter, more maneuverable package.And youll have the additional benefit of reduced recoil making follow-up shots easier and faster.Tuned steel faced buffer system, chrome silicon recoil spring, nEMO 18 416R Stainless steel barrel 1:8 twist 5R Rifling Bartlein blank.Each rifle is hand anodized, resulting in the unique tiger-stripe pattern.The lighter carbine version was still pleasant to shoot, but had noticeably more recoil and a far greater muzzle blast.
After dialing scopes in, each rifle was able to print an impressively tight group at 100 yards.

Development of the Omen began with the intention to create a rifle that could cover targets from meters, and they have definitely achieved success.The folks at nemo designed the Watchman.0 so a shooter could sit behind the gun and fire off long strings of shots without getting to the point of flinching because their shoulder feels like the slab of beef Rocky Balboa worked over in the.The Omen weighs less than 12 pounds, and nemo guarantees that each rifle will shoot sub-MOA groups.However, this would need some modification to the bolt release.With a regular AR configuration rifle the rear of the carrier impacts the buffer spring located in the buffer tube thus reducing recoil.Its a carbon fiber match barrel with a 1:8 twist made by Proof Research, another Montana company.The recoil device is one of the reasons nemo can use a standard.62 AR size lower receiver and the main reason for such mild recoil out of the more powerful.300WM cartridge.From left to right: Omen (.300WM a custom SBR (.223/5.56 The Honey Badger (.300BLK and the TiONE (.308).It sports an 18 barrel, and comes in at almost a full pound lighter than the standard 22 variant.The bolt also has an external charging handle on the right side in place of the top mounted charging handle seen on most AR platforms.