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61 In 2016, the campaign launched a new series of PSAs that aimed to increase awareness about less commonly known ways that wildfires can start.
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"The story of the creation of Smokey Bear, told by the late Albert Staehle's wife".He appeared on radio programs, in comic strips, and in cartoons.Please choose a different option.It reads, 'Make Smokey's Birthday Wish Come True.' 52 In 2004, Smokey's 60th anniversary was celebrated in several ways, including a Senate resolution designating August 9, 2004, as "Smokey Bear 60th Anniversary calling upon the President to issue a proclamation "calling upon the people.New Mexico Department of Game and Fish Ranger Ray Bell heard about the cub and took him to Santa Fe, where he, his wife Ruth, and their children Don and Judy cared for the little bear with the help of local veterinarian Dr Edwin.29 The story was picked up by the national news services and Smokey became a celebrity.Sorry, there are no tickets left for this event.

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11 The original Smokey Bear, playing in his pool at the National Zoo, sometime during the 1950s.