Most Wanted Video Game: Guild Wars 2 This is a great gift for any teen gamer.
This one comes in grass green (which is our personal favorite but also in a bunch of other options like blue, purple, turquoise, white, brown, yellow, grey, silver, and so many more.
Picking out clothes for them is no easy task. .Now, they can grab our emails, let us be social on Facebook, Twitter and other social sites and we can shop from our phones, too.Theyre comfy, cozy, come in a variety of different colors and patterns, and can easily be washed.Did we mention its.5 gallons? .Think on These Things by Edgar Evans Cayce: Cayce defined alternative Christianity in the early 20th century, and personally, he's one of my favorite Christian spiritualists.See all the colors here!It has a wide variety of characters with monster-pun names and themes, such as "Draculaura "Frankie Stein and even "Venus McFlytrap"!Pullman creates an incredible alternate universe with warlike bears, witch tribes in the north, and a secret conglomerate that's stealing children.

The Sporty Gift: The American Flag GoSports Corn Hole Game Buy It Here Buy Now Who doesnt love a game of corn-hole! .It also comes in red, black, white, and more!Anyways, 13-yr-old guys are usually online a lot or playing video games all day.The deal is this: follow a link on any of these pages and buy something, and you - without any extra cost to you - are sponsoring me to keep on going.These popular sunglasses come in jet black, oak barrel brown, and crystal smoke. .Youre going to buy the game eventually anyways (its that good) so you may as well get it from the get-go!With our busy lives, our phones do much more than just connect us with a phone call.Basketball promotes a healthy, active lifestyle as well as team sports.Just a fun little gag gift theyll get a kick out. Good luck!

These are all great options for the non-materialistic person in your life, and can be great opportunities for bonding.
This one also has a self-timer, has a super high quality lens, and a 60 day battery life!