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Fourth-Wall Mail Slot (in the Lucky Channel section ) Freeze-Frame Bonus : Hiyori's first appearance in the anime is actually in episode 12, right before the Animate employees ask Konata what she thinks of their book.
The writers for the English dub realized that the joke wouldn't work in English, since Patricia and Kagami are both fluent, so they replaced it with Patricia saying, " I can't hear you!
Expy : Meito "Anime Tenchou" Anisawa may be an expy of Gai Daigoji from Martian Successor Nadesico : both share the love booths supermarket gift vouchers for flamboyant, over-the-top mannerisms and, of course, anime.
Silly since Conan is believed to be a six year old.He's also got a pretty good head on his shoulders, he just doesn't take time to use.This revelation, while plausible (though far-fetched) in 1999, is no longer historically possible today as her missing remains were found in Russia in 2007 and confirmed in 2009.Ocular Gushers : Universally applied.Curiously enough, Kagami's classmate Ayano has hair a slighty darker shade of orange, and Kuroi-sensei is actually blonde and green-eyed.He eventually becomes vaguely aware of his unexplained bouts of somnolence, believing that he has an subconscious alter-ego solving his cases for him.Also, the Black Organization agent Tequila is also mentioned to have spoken in Kansai-ben.The Non-Serial Movie The Fourteenth Target is all about this.And then at some point his panic caused his common sense to run a few red lights and then hit a lamppost, a little understandably.The student had plastic surgery done after graduating and became a fashion model, and the professor wanted to leak two old pre-plastic surgery photos of him to tabloids, including a photo of the student dressed in drag.
In later manga issues (ep.
And even after that there were still the odd strips where they're back in their high school uniforms for some reason.

That actually saves her from being killed as well; the Killer Of The Week attacks her in her sleep since Ran supposedly knows something she shouldn't about the aforementioned murder, but Conan manages to wake Ran up in time and they jump away from danger.Non-Serial Movie : Conan has gotten one of these per year since a couple years after the show first started airing.Latex Perfection : KID seems to have brought this down where he can fool Shinichi that he is Ran, or vice versa.Dysfunctional Family : There's usually a case revolving around a very troubled, combative family.Master of Delusion : Ran almost figured it out in the first volume, with many other close calls.The anime version gives us a brief tour through her amazing EGL wardrobe.Finger-Licking Poison Fingertip Drug Analysis : At least once when Conan identified heroin, in the Moonlight Sonata case.Snapback : With few notable exceptions (such as Heiji Hattori, or members of the Organization whenever anyone notices Conan is significantly smarter than he should be or that most of Kogoro's deductions while awake come from hints dropped by Conan, they invariably forget about.In another episode, a woman named Masayo kills her younger sister Mina for stealing her boyfriend when in fact Mina had actually asked the boyfriend not to reveal that he had confessed to her because she didn't want to hurt Masayo's feelings.Adorkable : Tsukasa, for certain.
Bolivian Army Ending : The main series of the anime ends just as the girls are about to perform their cheerleader routine in front of an audience.
However, access to the Mediterranean from the Mar Menor is through a canal with a drawbridge so you must check the opening times to ascertain when you can pass if you have a tall mast.

But the culprit escapes, forcing him to give chase.