In other words, sam's club car rental discount you've become a power company and the utility is your customer.
Terms - Depending on the type and size of project, The term lengths will be from 15 to 20 years.During the day, it's common that you'll generate more power than you need.You pay the "net" of what you buy versus what you sell.Currently over 40,000 homes and businesses on Long Island derive all or part of their electricity from the sun.Contact US website design by, generations Beyond.Solar is grouped into four categories based gifts for ecologists on size: Small scale solar projects: up to 25kW Medium scale solar projects: 25kW to 250 kW Commercial scale solar projects: 250 kW to 1 MW Large scale solar projects: 1 MW to 5 MW Wind is grouped.Ownership of Renewable Energy Credits - Except for small scale Residential projects, the environmental and other attributes of the Distributed Generation projects are transferred to the Electric Distribution Company.With a Long Island Solar Solutions System, daylight is collected by roof mounted solar panels.If you're interested in getting solar for your home, business, municipality or school, outside of East Hampton/Southampton, reLI offers a "Find-a-Contractor" search to connect you with solar installers on Long Island.Details: Incentive Amount - System assessed at no more than conventional energy system.You use the power your Long Island Solar Solutions System generates and draw power from the power grid when needed (for example, at night).Sharp Solar Systems from the world's largest manufacturer of solar electric equipment.Since you're buying far less electricity and you're making money selling the excess power, your utility bill can decline to a tiny fraction of what it once was, and your power utility will have less demand for power so they can burn less polluting fossil.Website: ml last update: incentive name: Renewable Energy Products Sales and Use Tax 10 year anniversary gift for him ideas Exemption category: Financial Incentive type: Sales Tax Incentive sector: State technology: Solar Photovoltaics, code: RI13F details: Incentive Amount - 100 exemption Maximum Incentive - None website: last update: incentive name: Green Building.
Every day, enough energy falls on the earth to provide 27 years worth of power for every inhabitant - harnessing that energy is the challenge.

Technology: Solar Photovoltaics, code: RI02R, lAST update:, incentive name: Residential Solar Energy Property Tax Exemption.Website: lAST update:, incentive name: Net Metering, category: Regulatory Policy, tYPE: Net Metering.One-stop shopping: Long Island Solar Solutions does it all design, sales and total installation services.Equipment Requirements - Projects must be new and not under construction at the time of application, with the exception of preparatory site work that is less than 25 of the total project cost.Technology: Solar Photovoltaics, code: RI02F.Once paid off, aside from a modest fee connecting you to the grid, the electricity your panels generate is free.The cost of solar panels has been dropping steadily over time, and between rebates offered by pseg-Long Island and federal and state tax credits, in most cases solar energy systems are paid off in 5-10 years.This is called "net metering.".Incentive name: Solar Easements, category: Regulatory Policy, tYPE: Solar/Wind Access Policy, sector: State.Website: p last update: 04/19/2016 incentive name: Renewable Energy Professional Certification category: Regulatory Policy type: Solar/Wind Contractor Licensing sector: State technology: Solar Photovoltaics, code: RI16R website: last update: incentive name: Energy Revolving Loan Fund category: Financial Incentive type: Loan Program sector: State technology: Solar Photovoltaics.However, the board may recommend shorter terms for small scale solar projects.