April 20,when, being overpowered, the troops were compelled to ao discount code ebay surrender, having used all their ammunition.
The battle of Mechanicsville was fought on the 26th of June.
Fox, Robert., private, January 18, 1862, three years; what gift vouchers do argos sell wounded in action April 6, 1865; absent at muster out; veteran.
He applied to the commissioned officers of Company E, who promptly made affidavit that Wilson was not a deserter.A charge was ordered, and the troops moved forward under the most fearful and destructive fire that ever greeted brave men on a mission of death.Faul, Edward, private, September discount tire 85308 26, 1862, three years; wounded at Po River May 10, 1864; discharged by general order June 9, 1865.Taylor, Abijah, private, December 31, 1861, three years; discharged on surgeon's certificate 1862.Rodgers, Samuel., private, February 22, 1862, three years; prisoner from April 20, 1864, to March 1, 1865; discharged April 12, to date March 17, 1865.Friel, Daniel, private, January 27, 1864, three years; transferred to Company B October 18, 1864.Enlistment - To the Field - Services - Roll.The only survivors of this group built in 1917 stand along East Pennsylvania Avenue near Franklin Street.McCauley, first sergeant, December 24, 1863, three years; promoted from sergeant March 1, 1864; discharged February 22, 1865; veteran.Barrackman,.S., private, September 18, 1862, three years; transferred to Veteran Reserve Corps May 1, 1864.McDonald, John, private, September 13, 1861, three years; died at Annapolis,., January 15, 1862.

He was next promoted to lieutenant-colonel of the One Hundred and Thirty-seventh Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers on the 25th of August, 1862.The integrity of the district is challenged more by widespread use of synthetic siding and scattered inappropriate alterations than by noncontributing in-fill or new edge development.White, Michael, private, September 24, 1861, three years; prisoner from April 20, 1864, to March 18, 1865; discharged by general order May 8, to date March 18, 1865.McCurdy, Jonathan, private, February 25, 1862, three years; prisoner from May 31 to September 13, 1862; transferred to Company H, One Hundred and Fifth Regiment.V.Appleby Store and House at 117-119.Doan, Charles., private, February 29, 1864, three years; mustered out with company August 13, 1865.As a result, it contained a larger proportion of professionals and local wealth that remained within the borough.Wishard, Alexander, private, September 7, 1861, three years; captured April 20, 1864; died at Richmond,., December 20, 1864; veteran.Bell, second-lieutenant, August 22, 1862, three years; promoted from sergeant-major January 10, 1863; mustered out with company June 2, 1865.