(2) "Organized criminal gambling business" does not refer to betting specifically authorized by chapter 4 of how many times did lance armstrong win tour de france title 41 or any act in amendment of that chapter, nor to any form of gambling otherwise licensed or permitted by specific statutory enactment.
Raffles shall be for recreational purposes and shall be open only to senior citizens who are residents of the housing project where the game is held.
The possession, by any person not authorized by the Rhode Island state police other than a public official in the course of his or her duty, of any bill, slip, certificate, token, or other device, or article of any kind such as is used.
They are usually available at local party supply stores and big box office supply stores for under 10 for a roll of 2,000 tickets.By Deane Brengle, the 50-50 raffle fundraiser.Revocation of license of gambling place.Chock full of practical, easy-to-understand fundraising tools and secrets.How to coordinating volunteers, staff and auction consultants.Organizations permitted to conduct other permitted games of chance.The most common price is one ticket for.Consistent with this section, those organizations authorized to sell the tickets are authorized to retain net profits as shall have been provided for by the commission.

Every person who shall frequent any gambling house or place where gaming is practiced or carried on, not in the performance of official duty and not being the landlord of that place entering to view the premises, shall be imprisoned not exceeding thirty (30) days.(9) The organization shall keep and maintain financial records relating to the game in accordance with rules and regulations and have the records available for inspection upon demand.M Secrets of the Charity Auction Experts Learn from the experts!Whoever not authorized by the Rhode Island state police keeps, sets up, promotes, or is concerned as owner, agent clerk, or in any other manner, in managing any policy-lottery or policy-shop, or writes, prints, sells, transfers, or delivers any ticket, certificate, slip, bill, token,.Learn from the founder of a national fundraising company as he reveals secrets observed over nearly two decades of fundraising.Renting for gambling purposes.
ROI (Return on Investment) - For the time, money, and manpower invested you won't find a better return.
The guest ticket must clearly indicate that the holder is a guest and must be purchased at least three (3) hours prior to the start of the bingo game.1 Senior citizens housing Raffles allowed.

Repeat as Needed - Repeat this fundraiser time and time again with success.
A raffle involves many people buying tickets for a chance to win a prize or prizes.