These more specific coordinates are mobil rebate walmart longer and would need to be inscribed smaller on the jewelry in order to make it fit entirely.
If you could mandalay bay one promo code make up your own holiday what would it be?
Needless to say, when we did our research on Argentium silver, we knew it could be a great fit in our collection.
Let the celebrations begin!Need something to gift to show your custom piece is on the way for that special someone?We hope that this year brings you great joys and blessings.So, this year we took it even further and released a special.We can't thank you all enough for the love you all showed and shared with us in the past few years-especially 2015!International orders take longer to arrive at their final destinations due to customs, etc.
Besides, what better day to send your BFF.
Once it has been completed (within 14-21 business days or sooner) it will be prepared for shipment.

You're about to discover your next favorite piece of jewelry.We do not mass produce, use molds or pre-make our special custom pieces.However, coordinates to a specific spot within that city would appear like this: 30 46' 48" N 81 28' 04".A: Lat Lo prides itself on making custom jewelry to order specially for each customer.Here are some helpful ideas of how to make your gift stand out this year with our official Lat Lo jewelry collection:, a Lat Lo necklace or bracelet inscribed with the latitude and longitude coordinates of the graduate's school campus on the front to serve.A: We are always happy to help!There is something about the start of a new year that just brings a new sense of hope and, as you know, the anchor in our logo in inspired by hope (Hebrews 6:19), so we can't imagine a better time of the year to focus.
So far, we've designed insert card options for the Bride and her Bridesmaids.
A: Your order will be marked as "unfulfilled" in our system until it has completed production.

Need help with an idea for the back inscription?
Lat Lo coordinates jewelry for our customers.