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Just as Shoppers Drug Mart Corp.
Its a constantly swinging pendulum as Indigo gives members many opportunities to earn points, but fewer occasions to reap rewards.If you are looking to give feedback on our new site, please send it along.Accessibility, i dont think Ive ever experienced a loyalty program that is this accessible no matter where. My heart immediately sunk, because it had taken me nearly ten years to raise all of those points, and now Id have to start over.Did you know that every single time you buy an eBook or audiobook from Kobo, youre earning points which you can redeem for rewards from a catalogue of over.5 million titles?
Questions about plum rewards?

The plum rewards scheme gives members 10 points for virtually every dollar spent in stores, including books, toys, magazines and e-readers, and up to 5 per cent off books purchased at its website.Unclear Restrictions, its not uncommon for retailers to restrict what customers can or cant redeem rewards. Lucky for Indigo, theres a whole bunch of nice things I could say, but Im going to narrow it down to three.Too much choice in ecommerce can actually be a bad thing.By delivering fixed amount discounts, special offers, and promotional events (all at the low cost of free Plum Rewards clearly exemplifies Indigos belief in Customer Engagement and Customer Joy. Price tags and shelf signs do not emphasize these restrictions, and since many customers do not interact with a sales representative while shopping they have no way of being reminded of this Plum Rewards condition.Is introducing a new rewards program, borrowing a page from the playbook of Canada's largest drugstore retailer.This was definitely the number one customer complaint I received during table mountain discount tickets my time at Indigo.Indigo, which has more than one million iRewards members, uses the program more as a marketing expense than anything else,.When you present things in a visual way, customers are much more likely to understand your program.This sure beats burying it in the terms of service page, which only leads to future disappointment.

Marina Strauss, retailing reporter, published April 5, 2011 Updated May 1, 2018.
 Your points balance is tracked for you with an easy-to-understand Rewards Dashboard, and clearly indicates how close you are to redeeming your next reward.