17.06.08 Has Colin Farrell Wed in Secret?
At least, they did at the weekend when all the glamorous ladies at The Nobu Ball in The Four Seasons hotel made the VIP Harcourt venue the official unofficial afterparty location.When we first heard that Krystle boss Conor Buckley and model Sara Kavanagh's relationship had been terminated, we thought Arnold Schwarzenegger came back in time and broke-up the happy couple.Friday night saw some 106.7 win 1000 familiar faces looking to sample curries of red, green, and yellow.The beautiful brunette was there to highlight homelessness this Christmas and the Focus Ireland charity.Fair play to those handsome GAA fellas folks, they've started to step-out of the shadows of their rich rugby compatriots.Alison takes back her decree about not sleeping with Billy until their wedding night.No, neither had.That band of North Dublin soul searchers 'The Commitments' are returning from relative obscurity for a 20th Anniversary Tour.

They also protect us from crimes against fashion.If you're a fan of Made in Chelsea, and we know some of you are, then you'll be interested in the knowledge that MIC twin sisters Rosie Lily Fortescue spent the day at Brown Thomas yesterday.Shulman's stationery so that he will eso thieves guild rewards make unwanted romantic advances toward her.Richard rapes Jane during a business trip to New York.The home site for this guide is m/.01.09.10 Geldof Girls Mourn Grandfather.Kimberly goes ballistic and tries to throw herself in the ocean.27.11.12 A Nation of Model Politicians?Jo confronts Alison after learning of Steve's feelings for her.
It's called Bear and our very own Jamie Heaslip is a partner in Dublin's latest right-on-trend eatery.
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Retired non-retired Pope ripping on/off lesbian singing Nun, Sinead O'Connor, has fecked-off to Australia for St Patrick's Day.