She was right but I still say it out of habit.
Because all giving done to the ismie risk rewards speaker must always use, we know that the teacher must be doing it for someone else and not the speaker.Then one friend actually told me it wasnt small because I gave her a 100 gift certificate for her wedding ceremony.Because the giver is not the speaker, the teacher is either giving to the speaker or anyone else.This is also true of all gift-giving in Japan.(looking at it from the students point of view) Friend gave favor of teaching something good to my dad.Can I receive the favor of you lending 1000 yen?If you visit a region known for a particular handicraft or item it makes a good omiyage.

The tradition of gift-giving permeates Japanese culture.But if youre buying gifts from outside Japan, make sure that everything is beautifully wrapped before presenting it to the recipients.Is being used as giving done by the speaker.Examples, i gave present to friend.If youve been to Japan, surely youve seen them before, tourist shops everywhere filled with enticing boxes of local sweets that are all packaged individually inside a nice, large pre-gift wrapped box.From the speakers point of view, all the giving done to others go up to everybody else while the giving done by everybody else goes down to the speaker.Even though the gift isnt trivial or boring, you still want to say it is to show (tatemae) humility.If you are visiting your Japanese friend or staying with your Japanese host family, gifts will help you strengthen your relationship and also improve your impression significantly.

Even if its a t-shirt saying I New York, if it says Made in Japan anywhere on the tag, its a no-go.